Spring Lush Haul

It’s been some time since I pooped into my local Lush store, but with the latest Mother’s Day and Easter launches hitting stores this past week or so, I just couldn’t not take a little trip and see what their latest collections had to offer. Of course I had to pick up a few bits, so I thought i’d share with you what I picked up!

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I always love popping into my local store as the sales assistants are always so lovely and helpful whenever I pay a visit. I was so surprised with how many new products they have released this year, so much so that I had to stop myself from spending anymore money, but i’m so excited to try out all of the bits that I picked up.

Starting off with the Mother’s day collection I decided to pick up a few bits for my Mum as I absolutely love Lush and I thought it was about time I introduced my Mum to the world of amazing baths! I of course had to pick up the Mum Bath Bomb (£2.95) purely because of how cute it is! I also really like the scent of this with mixes of lemon and orange, and I thought my Mum would too! Also for my Mum I picked up the Baa Bar Bubble Bar (£3.95) as I love a good bubblebar and the scent of this was so lovely, and it instantly smelt like something my Mum would love! Hopefully she likes these products and gives her an excuse to have a well deserved pamper evening.

Moving on from the bits I picked up for my Mum for Mother’s day, but I did pick up one more product from the Mother’s day range which is the Elsie The Giraffe (You’re Havin’ a Bath) Bubble Bar (£6.95) as it was too adorable to not pick up. This year Lush have continued with their bubblebar wand products but this is the first that i’ve seen with a dual ended product, and I just absolutely loved the concept. I also absolutely love the citrus scent to this, as i’m a sucker for anything citrus so I can’t wait to use this!

Moving onto the bath bomb that I picked up from the Easter collection, and it didn’t seem right to not pick up a bath bomb that resembled an easter egg. I decided on the Which Came First? Bath Bomb (£6.95), which I was totally sold on for it’s citrusy scent and also just how cute it looks! The other bath bomb I decided on was the Over & Over Bath Bomb (£4.25) which they brought in for Valentines, and then added into their permanent line as it was so popular! What I love is that it has two sides to it, with the orange side being a wax that melts in the bath leaving your skin feeling so soft!

Have you picked up anything from their latest releases?