Confidence Boosting Beauty Products

It’s true what they say about makeup and beauty products where they give us girls and guys the confidence we sometimes lack. I’ve recently been loving some new additions to my everyday makeup menu, products i’ve been featuring a lot lately because they make me feel hella’ confident, and I love reading these kinds of posts to see what products everyone else loves to boost confidence.

For me being a natural red head, just because i’ve dyed my hair that doesn’t mean my eyelashes and eyebrows match and I often feel that pale skin isn’t beautiful, even though everyone tells me it is. For the most part i’m learning to accept those things but having products to boost my confidence is always welcome, and I love the feeling of those products working their magic.

Starting off with a base product that has been getting quite a bit of love lately is the Lancome Tient Idole Foundation* (£31.50), which is probably the  nicest high end foundation that i’ve ever tried! It gives amazing coverage and really helps to even out my skin tone, whilst also feeling incredibly light on the skin. I also find the shade match to be spot on, and with a good range of shades to choose from it would seem that anyone would be able to find a shade to suit them, which I think some brands definitely miss the mark with! I also gave this foundation a full review here, so make sure you check that out!

Another product that I have not stopped using since the day I finally got my hands on it is the ABH Dip Brow (£15), and i’m not joking when I say i’ve never used a brow product that works the wonders that this does! I absolutely love how amazing this makes my brows look, and it gives me a massive confidence boost as so many people have complimented how good my brows look thanks to this product! At the same time purchasing this, I also purchased the Becca Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector (£32), and if you thought you’d tried an amazing highlighter, you just wait until you’ve tried this! It gives such a beautiful pop that I find suits every skin tone, and just looks absolutely stunning!

Finally we have the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (£17) in the shade ‘Lolita’ and the reason why I love this is because of the shade. It’s so different to any other that I own and just gives me that boost that a new lipstick gives you, but I get it every time I wear this as it’s not like any other shade that I wear! I also love the lasting power of this and I can rely on it to last throughout the day without a worry!

What are your favourite confidence boosting products?