How I Organise My Blog Content

Organisation for my is a key part of my life, whether it’s within my job role, my blog or just my day to day life, if i’m not organised then no doubt I would be one hot mess. In the past few months i’ve been upping my blog organisation and i’ve definitely noticed how it’s beginning to pay off, so I thought i’d share some tips/advice on how I organise my blog content, and hopefully it may help you too!

In the run up to Australia I was on it in terms of content as I knew that although I was having a break from life, I didn’t want my blog to have a break as such as i’ve been working so hard to get my blog and content back on track. So in preparation I ensured that I got myself ahead in blog content and I really pushed myself, my time and my organisation to the ultimate in order to ensure the blog was left ticking over whilst I was away, and here a few ways in which helped me in terms of organising content.

Planning content in advance – With the way that I blog, I essentially plan weeks in advance in order to then organise my time in a productive way to ensure that I get the content scheduled ahead of time. I literally live by my Paper Chic Co Weekly Blog Planner (£8) to note down which blog posts I am wanting to get scheduled, and then ticking of each stage from taking photos, up until the post has actually gone live, which is great as I love the satisfaction of ticking things off a list! I also rely on my Kikki K Weekly Planner (£7.50) to plan out which posts are going up on which day around all of the other things I have going on with my life, and again I tick off once a post is written and ready to go so I know it’s all good to go!

Schedule content for the week ahead – At the moment i’m currently working about a week ahead of myself schedule wise, by ensuring that all content for the next week is all written and scheduled to go up by Sunday evening. Making sure the posts are ready to go to allows me not stress, as I used to find i’d stress so much if I wasn’t ready content wise for the week ahead, so planning in advance allows me to get ahead and on top of content!

Bulk photo taking – Before starting my full time job, bulk taking photos was something I never did but now only having essentially two days of the week to take photos, means I have to be on it to get as much use of the day light as I can. With planning content so far in advance, it then means I have a set goal for what photos need to be taken, which means those photos can then be edited and the posts written as and when needed.

Schedule all social – With working full time, more and more I can’t be on social media even during my lunch breaks so I rely on scheduling social media content heavily. I tend to do this during an evening, or first thing in the morning just after my alarms have gone off, as I really rely on promoting my blog through social media. I always use Buffer for scheduling content as the app is so easy to use and makes scheduling content so quick!

So those are just a few ways in which I currently organise my blog content, which I find works so well for me and currently is very manageable whilst having a full time job!

How do you organise your blog content?