Recent Pamper Favourites

The past few weeks for me have been pretty stressful and hectic, so the past few weekends I have been focusing on taking a bit of time for myself to give myself a good pamper and time to recuperate. In doing so i’ve been using a few new products, some that i’ve not featured before so I thought it was time to share which pamper products i’ve been loving!

For me I always think it’s important to let your body do the talking, and if you’re feeling run down then it’s definitely worth listening to by allowing some time to relax, and give your body a much needed break. 

Firstly a brand that I love and is my go to for pampering is L’occitane as their products are so lovely on the skin and also smell absolutely incredible! I personally love any products that have a very natural scent them. So whilst browsing their website i’ve pulled out a few of my favourite L’occitane Gift Sets to share with you guys if you’re thinking of treating yourself to a much needed pamper, whilst also trying out some products!

One product I love from L’occitane is their Almond Shower Oil (£19) as it smells incredible and leaves the skin feeling so smooth and refreshed, so when I found that they do a few gift sets aimed towards those who love their almond scents I was so pleased! Firstly we have the Irresistible Almond Collection (£45), which is an amazing collection containing four products including the shower oil, milk concentrate, soap and hand cream all of which have their amazing and well known almond scent. Another gift set I spotted was the Almond Delight Duo (£27), which is a lovely alternative if you’re looking for some slightly cheaper but still contains two lovely products that will leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing! Finally a gift set that I would love to treat myself to is the Shea Butter Essentials Collection (£45) as I absolutely love anything shea butter scented and this set contains so many wonderful products including the shower cream, body cream, hand cream and also foot cream, all of which are incredible products!

A brand that i’ve somewhat silently loved for a while is Zoella Beauty, and I personally love to support those who from our background of blogging and youtube and Zoe is someone i’ve loved from the very beginning. Her Sweet Inspirations range is one i’d not tried anything from but when I won giveaway a few months back I received a few products to try, and so far i’m loving them! As you all know I love a good bath bomb and the Beauty Le Fizz Bath Fizzer (£5) is such a cute product as you can get multiple uses out of it unlike other bath bombs that i’ve used in the past. I also absolutely the scent of this as it’s so sweet and instantly uplifts my mood! Another product from the range i’ve been loving is the Bath Latte (£6), which smells like a sweet milkshake that I absolutely love! I also love how soft this makes my skin feel, and the smell lingers on the skin for a few hours after!

Another brand that has been a long time favourite of mine is Soap & Glory and I love nothing more than slathering their body butters all over my body after a good long soak in the bath. A firm favourite of mine is their Smoothie Star Butter Cream (£10), which smells absolutely incredible! It leaves my skin feeling so soft, and also smelling incredible but isn’t too much of a sweet scent in comparison to some of their other scents! For face masks i’ve finally broken into my Sephora stash and a favourite of mine is the Sephora Lotus Face Mask ($6) which is so good for locking in moisture to make the face appear stress free and well rest, which has been a must have these past few weeks.

So those are a few of my current favourite pamper products, and remember it’s always important to give your body some ‘me time’ from time to time!

What are your favourite pamper products?

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