Beauty Trends I Won’t Try

A couple of weeks ago whilst having a blog reading session I stumbled across this post from A Girl Obsessed which is one of my favourite blogs, and I thought it would be fun to add my two sense and talk about the beauty trends that I too will not be trying out in the near future.

Ever since I started blogging i’ve learnt a lot about emerging beauty trends and how each year even more out there the beauty trends can get. Some of which I will get on board with, but those less wearable beauty trends is where I draw the line. So with that being said, here are a few beauty trends that I will not be getting on board with anytime soon.

Coloured eyeliner – Fair play to any girl that can actually wear coloured eyeliner and pull it off, but it takes me back to the days where i’d wear purple mascara and think I looked the bomb. Safe to say I didn’t, and I definitely won’t be picking up a bright coloured eyeliner anytime soon.

Unnatural looking brows – Now I love filling in brows, they define my face and make me look human but these recent trends where you literally make your brows look ridiculous is not for me. I’ve seen a few trends recently such as feather brows or barbed wire brows, and I just can’t take any part of it seriously.

Bright pink eyeshadow – No just no. I can just about pull off a good bronzed smokey eye but applying a bright pink eyeshadow all over the lid and not much else.. it’s a big no for me!

Fake freckles – This is one trend I just don’t get. I mean freckles are a beautiful feature to have I used to have loads of freckles when I was younger, but I don’t understand the fascination in drawing or even tattooing fake freckles on. Is this just me?

100 layer’s of… – I mean when these started doing the rounds on Youtube, I literally prayed for the day that everyone realised they were just an absolute waste of product and weren’t entertaining in anyway shape of form. 

So those are a few beauty trends that I will never understand and won’t be trying out anytime soon!

What beauty trends do you find odd?