Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polishes

As i’m sure a few of you know, I love having my nails painted and my favourite choice of nail polish is a gel nail polish as I find them to be so much longer lasting than a normal nail polish and they also look super shiny! So when I found out Rimmel were bringing out their very own gel nail polishes, I just knew i’d love them!

For many people that annoying thing about gel nails is the fact that you need a UV lamp to sure the gels, and gel nails are an absolute pain to remove but I happily go through all that for the long lasting and amazing finish. However Rimmel’s latest release makes gel nails easy to achieve at home whilst still having that salon looking finish.

The Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish* (£5.99) is Rimmel’s first two step gel based nail polish which is designed to give you that salon finish and superior colour that lasts up to two weeks. What makes this two step system amazing is that they contain a patented gel colour system that works with natural light to cure the nails, making it easy to achieve gel nails at home and without the use of a UV lamp.

These gel nail polishes work quite similarly to how you would paint your nails with an ordinary nail polish in the sense that you apply a couple of coats of the gel colour, allow those to dry and then apply the gel top coat, and again allow that to dry. The difference however is that there is a built in base coat into the gel colour, so no need to prep the nails before applying the colour, and then applying the top coat leaves the nails with an incredible shine and a smooth finish that is durable, so you won’t get any of the pesky marks in your nails.

As I have my finger nails done professionally I haven’t used these polishes on my finger nails as of yet, but I have been rocking one of the brighter of the shades on my toes for the past week or so and so far i’m loving these polishes, and how amazing my toe nails look. These gel nail polishes are available in a variety of shades, and Rimmel kindly sent over five shades for me to try out and I can’t wait to try these out in the coming summer months.

If like me you love your gel nails, but would prefer to have the opportunity to do them in the comfort of your own home and have them be easy to remove, then i’d highly recommend trying out Rimmel’s latest release!

Have you tried out Rimmel’s Super Gel polishes yet?