5 Ways To Destress

For the majority of this year I can hold my hands and say my stress levels have probably been the highest they have ever been, and my body has definitely been giving a few warning signs to tell me to slow down over the past few months. I thought today i’d share some ways in which I like to try to destress, which may also help you if you too are feeling a bit under everything.

For me de-stressing isn’t as easy as it may seem, as I don’t really switch off. If i’m not working, then i’m working on the social content for the brand I work for, and if i’m not doing that then i’m blogging. For me downtime is a rarity, but after a very emotional doctors appointment a few weeks back i’ve been advised to begin taking some time for myself to give my brain a much needed rest, and although it’s not as easy it sounds these are a few ways in which have been beginning to help.

Sweating it out in the gym – One thing I identified as something that used to help release and let go of the day was going to the gym, and for months i’ve been trying to get back into the gym but it just hadn’t happened. About a month ago I made a conscious decision that I didn’t just want to get back into the gym, but that I needed to! For about a month i’ve been getting down to the gym around three times a week and already i’m beginning to feel much better, and i’m loving having the ache of a good workout back.

Switching off – A few months back I was getting myself in such a state trying to catch up on social content throughout the day and into the evenings, when in hindsight a girl can only do so much and I was running myself into the ground. Often now in an evening I will take a good hour out by trying to leave my phone alone and just catch up on the tv series i’m currently watching or my never end subscription box and just not thinking about anything else.

Much needed pamper – Although I do give myself a good pamper every now and then, i’ve noticed that taking some time to whack a face mask on or to paint my nails whilst i’m feeling a bit stressed to be so helpful. I often whack on a face mask and just lie down for about ten minutes, and it just allows my brain to breath and just stop it going ten to the dozen.

Getting an early night – For me sleep is the most important way for me destress and switch off. Since starting my job my body clock is set on auto to wake up at 7am even on weekends, so I find that ensuring I get a good amount of sleep is vital for how stressed i’m going to feel throughout the day. Late nights are a rarity for me as I am the ultimate granny and i’m usually tucked up in bed come 9pm, no shame what so ever!

Enjoying a large glass of wine – Now i’m not trying to say alcohol is the answer to all of my problems, because for me I don’t drink of a weeknight but nothing beats leaving work on a Friday night and enjoying a drink or two to help unwind from the week!

How do you like to destress?