Fathers Day Gift Guide

With Fathers Day happening in just a couple of weekends time I thought it would be nice to continue with my gift guides series as i’m sure i’m not the only one who struggles to know what to get/do for Fathers Day as we all know men can be quite hard to shop for.

For me Fathers day is quite different as I have probably only spent a handful of Fathers days with my Dad as he lives in Plymouth, but that doesn’t take away from the day itself in ensuring he knows how much I love him, and how i’m forever grateful for everything he does for me. Now I have put this gift guide together with my Dad in mind, but also with the simplest of things that most males like so you’re bound to find something for your Dad this Fathers day!

One thing I always feature in any of my gift guides is fragrance, as you can never go wrong with a fragrance when it comes to purchasing for any male especially for Fathers Day. Most men will have a favourite fragrance, so it’s a fail safe option to go with one of their most worn fragrances as gift, but a few fragrance picks that i’ve seen to be quite popular include Boss Bottled Night Eau de Toilette (£44.99) with notes of birch, lavender and lemon which create an intense and spicy scent to give an edgy masculine feel. Another firm favourite has got to be the Diesel Only The Brave Eau de Toilette (£44),  which is strong leathery scent with notes of citrus, amber and leather which is described as a strong and magnetic fragrance fit for any powerful man.

Sticking with scents but what would also make a great gift this Fathers Day would be a candle. Just like us girls, I know a few men who can appreciate a good candle especially a more masculine woody scent that just fills a room with a beautiful smell. A firm favourite that I also really like is the Osmology x The Nomad Society Candle* (£15) which has a lovely masculine scent with a outdoorsy spin on it, with notes of fern and moss. 

As a personal lover of skincare, I find that most men don’t have any sort of skincare regime with most using shower gel to wash their face *shudders* and with Clinique being one of my personal favourite  brands for skin care, they also do an amazing range for men that I rarely see spoken about. A great gift this fathers day would be the Clinique For Men Essentials Kit (£30) as it contains every product a man could ever need, and also works as a great starter kit for any man who is new to skin care.

Finally a really simple gift choice for any Dad who enjoys a tipple would be a bottle of their favourite drink. Whether it be wine, gin or a rum there are usually so many offers on various different alcoholic beverages that you’ll no doubt find something for your Dad this Fathers Day.

How are you celebrating Fathers Day?