Mid Year Beauty Round Up

As we are now into June it has got me thinking about all of the products i’ve been trying this year, and how i’ve discovered some amazing products that i’ll no doubt still be using in months to come. With that being said I thought i’d do another mid year beauty round up, as it went down really well last year and it gives me a chance to talk about some products that I have really wowed me this year.

It’s safe to say that this year I have purchased and tried out a fair amount of products that I have been eyeing for months if not years, and the majority of these products have definitely become a daily addition to my beauty routines. 

Starting off with skincare, as that usually comes first in a beauty routine and a few products have really stood out to me over the past few months but one product that I have loved and used pretty much everyday since I first purchased it is the Clinique Pep Start Hyrdo Blur Moisturiser (£24.50). This moisturiser is literally like no other that I have used before, and it is absolutely incredible especially if you suffer from dry skin like me that is often hard to hide when applying foundation. For me this instantly smoothes and soothes any dry skin areas, whilst also giving my skin a much needed boost of hydration which leaves it looking smoother and more glowy. What I also love is how this kind of doubles as a primer, as it creates a lovely smooth base for my foundation to sit on and helps it last longer throughout the day.

As for foundation my favourite of this year has got to be the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation* (£31.50) of which I have raved about endlessly in a number of posts recently. I love this foundation for many reasons, but mainly because it is super light weight but provides an amazing coverage that just covers any imperfections but it lasts so well throughout the day, although it’s definitely not gym proof as i’ve recently found out! Another product i’ve been loving to apply my foundation with is the Rose Gold Artist Brush Set* (£12.06), in particular the larger oval paddle brush as it applies my foundation like a dream. It buffs in within seconds and leaves my foundation looking absolutely flawless! 

As you all are probably aware, my love for the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette (£37) is real as it is hands down the best contour palette I have ever used, and i’ve used a few over the past few years! I recently spoke about this in my post here, and how I can use it in a couple of ways but also how amazing the contour shades are! If you haven’t tried this yet, i’d highly recommend as it is as amazing as everyone says it is! Moving onto highlighter, it will come as no surprise that the Becca Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfecter (£32) is hands down the best highlighter to have ever been created! The rose gold pop that this gives is just stunning, and I have so many compliments when i’ve worn this highlighter. For me it’s like no highlighter I have ever used and I feel absolutely amazing whenever I wear this!

For fragrance, the scent that stands out to me is the Giorgio Armani Si Fragrance (£73) of which I have wanted to try for years and I am so happy to have this in my life. For me it’s a sophisticated version of my favourite kind of scents, with a slight more sexiness to it that I just love. If like me you enjoy your fruity and floral scents, then this is definitely one for you try as i’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do!

Finally one hair care product that I have recently purchased is the Redken Extreme Anti Snap Treatment (£) which I was recommend by my hairdresser as my hair is quite damaged, and is prone to a lot of breakage and since adding this into my haircare routine I can see how badly my hair needed something like this. It’s great for helping to strengthen your hair especially if it is prone to breakage or split ends, and I have noticed such a difference in the quality of my hair since I began using this! 

What products have you been loving so far this year?