Reflecting on Goals 6 Months On

Every year I always find come June I am often reflecting upon many things and I always like to look back on my goals that i’ve set myself before my birthday rolls around in July. With my Mid Year Beauty Favourites going up last week, I thought it would be the perfect time reflect on the goals I set myself six months ago, and see if i’ve accomplished any and how far i’ve gotten with them.

For the past few years I have rarely worked towards my goals and resolutions, mainly because I would set really unnecessary goals that I was never going to meet meaning I often felt deflated because I couldn’t ever complete them. So when setting my goals for the year I tried to be very realistic, so that I wouldn’t shoot myself in the foot before I even started.

Now looking back, when setting my goals I mainly set goals that tied in with the things that were going on with my life and rather than doing a clique resolutions I wrote it more as a January To Do List, to begin to work towards for the upcoming months to help get myself organised and back on track.

Getting back into fitness – Now this didn’t happen, not in January anyway. I would go a few times a week, and then have a month off but after my close friend Em who I met through blogging began her own fitness instagram it really motivated me to do something. So around six weeks ago I moved to a new gym, as my old gym just wasn’t working for me and I have been keeping up a good routine, and i’ve learnt so much in that short space of time. Mentally it’s really helping, and physically i’m loving the feeling of knowing i’m working my body. (Make sure you give Em a follow if you’re into your fitness, she’s a babe).

Saving – Back when setting these goals, saving for Australia was a major priority for me, of which I worked really hard towards and had the most amazing time! (You can read my top places to visit in Sydney here). Although I did meet that goal, saving is still a goal that i’m working towards as it is a major priority for me that moment, and although it’s hard it is totally worth it.

Moving out – Back in January I was in a really hard place and I was really ready to move out, so much so that I was looking at renting which is something i’m so against personally, as renting just isn’t in my plan. Six months on I am in a much better place, and i’m still wanting to move out but i’m working towards saving to eventually afford to move out in a place that I can actually call my own.

Planning blog content – Back in January I was so blog focused and I set myself the goal of getting ahead with my blog, mainly so I could be putting up content whilst in Australia but to also ensure I constantly have content ready to go. Although I am always ahead with content, i’m always working to get further ahead of myself and it’s the best feeling ever to be organised with your content but it is hard sometimes!

Focusing on my happiness – As I mentioned I wasn’t in the best of places come January, I had friends who i’d grown apart from and I just wasn’t happy, so when new year rolled around I made it my goal to be somewhat selfish. To focus on myself and six months on I am beginning to feel happier. Gaining closure from failed relationships and focusing on my career has done me the world of good, and i’m focused on the future instead of the past.

Have you reached any of your goals/resolutions?