Current Travel Bucket List

Travelling for more in a massive passion of mine, and i’ve been really lucky to visit and experience a variety of different cultures across the globe through my teens and now into my early twenties. As I recently travelled to both Hong Kong and China recently with work, it really got me thinking about the places I want to travel to and fully set of my inner travel bug.

For me travelling is what makes me happy, being able to experience new places and soak up other cultures is something that I genuinely live for and having the opportunity to travel within my career has been an absolute dream come true. Having said that, travelling to certain places whilst i’ve been working has definitely made me want to go back and properly visit a few places, and I thought i’d share a few places that i’m dying to experience more of.


Anyone who knows me knows how much I have dreamed over going to Paris, and every time I have tried something has always gotten in the way. That was until I attended an exhibition back in February which allowed me to experience the Parisian vibes i’ve been dying to see for the first time, and i’ve since been back a second time but as both time were with work it has definitely proven to me that I wasn’t ever to give up on my dream of going to Paris because it is an absolutely stunning city that I can’t and won’t ever forget about. 

If you’ve been to Paris I would love some recommendations on what areas are good to stay in, and the places that are a hit, and others that are a definite miss.


Back when I was around 14 I had the most amazing trip with my family to Thailand, where we spent both Christmas and New Year there of which I will never forget and since going to Australia back in March it only heightened my want to go back to Thailand and discover the places I hadn’t visited before. With also being a bit older, I feel like my experience will now be completely different and one to definitely remember! With that I also would love to hop on over to Bali for a few days to just relax, and soak up some much needed sun.


Having just come back from visiting both HK and China, it has already made me want to go back to Hong Kong and do it as a holiday. From what I did get to experience, I absolutely loved every second and it has only heightened my want to experience more of the city and also the nightlife, as that is one side of HK that I didn’t get to see!

Now I couldn’t not quickly talk about this cute CityMarble Phonecase* (£14.95) from CaseCompany, of which is a new design concept that is designed to allow you to create memories of your favourite places in the world that you have visited in the form of maps. For me I opted for the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as it’s that one place I have always wanted to see and I absolutely loved this design concept. You can also totally customise the CityMarble phone cases by adding emojis how I have, and also by adding text or quotes, which again I thought was such a cute idea, and is like nothing i’ve ever seen before. If you’re a bit of a travel junkie, or know someone who is then this would make a perfect gift idea!

What places are on your travel bucket list?