Lancome Matte Shakers

For a long time now Lancome has been one of my favourite higher end brands, as there products are of such a high quality and are such good value for money. After absolutely loving their Juicy Shakers last year I was so excited to hear that they were bring out a matte version, as I prefer a matte lip personally and it instantly intrigued me to see what they were like.

This year i’ve definitely tried out a large number of different matte lip products, from liquid lipstick to matte lip sticks, you name it i’ve probably tried it. So I was intrigued to see how I would rate this latest release from Lancome. As always the team at Lancome have been absolutely amazing to not only myself but to us bloggers this past year, so when I received two of their latest release to try I was blown away as they do the best PR packages!

Similarly to the Juicy Shakers, the new Matte Shakers* (£19.50) are housed in the cute shaker like packaging that I just find so cute and innovative, of which is designed to be shaken to mix the product within the packaging. With this formula, it’s different to your typical matte lip as it is designed to not give that dry feel, as it’s enriched with silicone oils that when shaken mix into the formula to give a non sticky formula that dries within a few seconds, leaving you with a vibrant pigmented colour.

The two shades I was sent are absolutely stunning and so vibrant, of which aren’t typically me but i’ve really been enjoying wearing the one shade ‘Kiss Me In Cherie’ which is a beautiful deep red shade that is so sexy! As for the other shade ‘Pink Power’, this is a really bright pink shade that isn’t a me shade at all but it’s definitely a lovely shade for summer! For me I absolutely love the formula, as they do remind me of a liquid lipstick that dries really quickly however some liquid lipstick stay tacky or sticky for a little while, but this doesn’t what so ever.

These last so well throughout the day, and I find that I don’t really have to reapply throughout the day as the colour leaves a lovely stain on the lips. Currently these come in 7 different shades, and I hope that they expand the colour range as I would love to get my hands on some lovely nude shades in this formula!

Have you tried any Lancome products recently?