Must Have Summer Bronze Picks

There is nothing more that I love during summer than being all bronzed and glowing, and over the years i’ve discovered some favourites as well as a few new bits that i’ve recently been trying out. I thought i’d pull together a quick must have products that you just have to try out if like me you love having a bronzed glow!

Being a natural pale skinned gal that I am it’s safe to say that i’ve tried my fair share of fake tans, especially as there is a 0% chance of me actually getting a natural tan. For years I thought I was a gradual tan lover, but over the past twelve months i’ve made way for instant tans as I find they just give so much more colour, and actually don’t go streaky like gradual tans do (i’m looking at you Dove Summer Glow). So here are a few products i’d highly recommend trying if you want to delve away from the gradual tans, and actually glow!

Kicking things off with a recent addition to my fake tan collection, after hearing so much hype I thought i’d finally try out the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam (£14.99). Now I chose to pick this up in light/medium, because I wasn’t sure how dark the ultra dark would go but after using this I definitely want to try it. This version I tend to apply before going to bed, and then showering off in the morning which leaves a lovely natural tan which I really like but I do find it to be a little lighter than I like, however it does build quite well if you use it a few days in a row. I also find that this fades really evenly, which is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to tan as I hate looking like a streaky mess post tan. I’m already wanting to try their Liquid Gold as i’ve heard some amazing things about it, so watch this space!

For a more instant bronzed glow a firm favourite of mine is the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan* (£6.99) which I actually discovered because of my Mum would you believe, and I absolutely love it! It’s amazing for giving your skin an instant bronze with a beautiful shimmery glow that no tan ever gives you! Like most fake tans, this does run if you get it wet but I find it doesn’t run half as bad as most fake tans, as long as you’re careful this does stay put quite well and just makes you look luminous and glowing! 

A product I love to use inbetween tanning to kind of top up a tan when i’m in a rush but to also give my body a bit of a glow is the Sanctuary Spa Wonder Body* (£9.90). It’s a lovely gel like formula that gives you an instant bronze with a beautiful glow that just makes your tan pop. It’s also good if you haven’t tanned and want to give your legs a slight glow, just to combat the paleness and make your pins appear healthy and luminous. 

Finally, a product that you just can’t go wrong with to bronze all areas of your body but mainly your face/jaw line is the Rimmel Radiance Brick* (£5.99), which is essentially a bronzer with a few different tones running through it, that just combine to give you the healthiest glow. I personally love this to bronze up my cheekbones and to also blend my neck/jawline as I do find that my neck can be the hardest place to fake tan, so I always rely on a good bronzer to fix me up.

What are your favourite summer bronze products?