Blogger Traits I Have Adopted

As a blogger, we always find ourselves doing things that without blogging we probably wouldn’t do and when I saw A Girl, Obsessed’s recent post it got me thinking about all the things that I do because of blogging!  So I thought i’d share a few things, and in turn it’ll probably highlight things that you do too!

I remember back when I started blogging and I just found myself doing things purely for ‘the blog’ or ‘the gram’ and looking back it’s funny now that it’s just a part of normal life for me, and probably most bloggers. So here are a few things that I’ve noticed that I do because of blogging.

– You find your hand cream collection has grown excessively.

– You have a never ending collection of pretty notebooks that you’ll never write in.

– You spend hours scrolling through Instagram wondering what you’re doing with your life.

– You can’t eat out without taking a photo of your food before you begin eating (which is thoroughly annoying for your friends/family apparently).

– You’ve totally ran out of beauty storage for your never ending beauty purchases/blogger mail.

– You have about six different highlighters on the go at one point.

– You own far too many brushes, of which all of them need a good wash.

– You spend your weekends blogging, rather than watching an entire series on netflix.

– Your phone battery barely lasts until lunch time due to too much social media scrolling.

– You have a folder on your laptop fully dedicated to blogging that you should probably organise.

What blogger traits have you adopted?