Most Used Blog Props

When it comes to taking blog photos, the biggest thing for me is the styling and the props that I use in order to add a little extra something to my images. I absolutely love seeing how other people style their photos, and taking influence to switch mine up every now and then. I thought i’d do a little round up of my favourite and most used blog props, as I haven’t done a photography post in a while!

When I first started blogging blog props were alien to me, and although I am so embarrassed of my old blog photos i’ll never update them purely so I can see how far they have come in along in the past four and half years! Since then i’ve invested in a range of blog props, that I love to incorporate into my blog post images and switch up from time to time.

Blankets – I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to blankets, and i’m always having to refrain from adding another into my stash every time I go to Home Sense or B&M.

Candle Trays – We all know which candle trays i’m referring to, the Ikea candle trays that house all of my candles by day but will always sneak into a blog photo.

Candles – Also candles, not just the candle trays! I went through a phase of having lit candles in my blog photos until I nearly melted my camera strap, so now I just have to roll with a non lit candle!

Notebooks & Books – When in doubt whip out your latest gold foiled notebook or beauty book that you’ll probably never read, but just bought because it looks good!

Flowers – Now flowers aren’t a permanent feature in my photos, but when I do have a fresh set in the house I will incorporate those into my blog photos as they add something totally different to any other blog props I own.

Tech Equipment – Usually if i’m doing a social media style post, or a tech post my iPhone, macbook or  iPad will make some sort of appearance. Any excuse to feature my latest phone wallpaper!

What props do you use in your photos?