What I Got For My Birthday

If any anyone follows me on social, then you’ll probably know that I celebrated my 24th birthday this week just gone, which is the main reason i’ve been a bit MIA but i’ve also been majorly lacking motivation recently. To get back into the groove of everything I thought i’d take it old school this week, with posting my July Favourites on Monday and also sharing with you a few bits I got for my birthday!

Turning another year older isn’t all as bad as everyone makes out to be, however this is my last year of being in my ‘early twenties’ which makes me feel SO old! My birthday this year was quite chilled, but I celebrated with my best gal pals and drank far too much prosecco, but if you can’t on your birthday then when can you?! I thought i’d do a little birthday haul and give a few first impressions on a few of the bits i’ve already tried out, as i’m sure i’ll be featuring them in a few blog posts to come.

Kicking it off with the beauty bits, as my friends and colleagues know how much I love me some makeup. One of my bestest gal pals very kindly gifted me a few bits from Jeffree Star which i’ve been dying to try for ages so when I opened up the Skin Frost ‘King Tut’ Highlighter (£25.50) I was so excited to see how amazing everyone makes them out to be. I’ve used this a couple of times now, and the shade is just gorgeous and it’s safe to say a little definitely goes a long way with these. She also very kindly got me the Velour Liquid Lipstick (£16) in the shade ‘Nude Beach’ which is a really pretty nude shade. I haven’t worn this as of yet, but when swatching it the formula seems really nice and not too drying. Finally for beauty bits my lovely work collegues got me the MAC Amber Times Nine Palette (£25), which is probably the most ‘me’ palette ever! It has nine lovely neautrel shades with a mixture of matte and shimmer which are so easy to mix to create a beautiful eye look! I used this to my birthday makeup and I absolutely loved how it looked!

With every birthday no doubt your parents will ask what they can get you because they have no clue, so i’d asked for a couple things that i’d been eyeing up for a while. Firstly, when I was in China I stupidly lost one of my favourite earrings which were really similar to the Pandora December Birthstone Earrings (£45) and although my birthday isn’t in December I already have the December Ring, and it seemed like a perfect pairing to ask for the earrings also. I’ve been wearing them ever since opening them and I am absolutely in love them! Also from my parents they kindly got me the Cloud Nine The Touch Straightners (£115) as my FHI’s have finally given up the light of day after around eight years so it felt like time to get a new pair. I haven’t used these yet, but they currently have an offer on where you get a free bag and brush which is a really nice touch, and i’m excited to see what these are like!

A few of my gal pals got me some super cute presents including this 3-in-1 Lens Set (£10.90) for my iPhone which i’m so excited to try out and see what fun photos I can take with it! I also got some beautiful smelling candles, lots of chocolates and sweets, and enough bottles of prosecco/rosé to last me a fair few months!

I just want to say thank you the few people that wished me happy birthday, as it means so much and it made my day that little bit extra special!

Have any of you celebrated your birthdays recently?