5 Reasons Why I’m Excited for Autumn

Spring is probably my favourite season of them all, as it’s not too hot and not too cold and being the natural red head that I am I do suffer slightly when it comes to the hella’ hot summer days. Having said that I do love when the leaves start to turn crisp and the long lit nights start to turn every so slightly darker, knowing Autumn is on the horizon.

Now i’m not one to wish the warm weather away, however for probably the first time ever i’m starting to look forward to Autumn (probably because my candle collection is over flowing and I need to get to burning them), and I thought i’d do a round up post as to why i’m looking forward to Autumn and all the things it brings without being too cliché. 

Treat myself to some new cosy PJ’s – In summer PJ’s are simply a top and some shorts for me, there not really a thought but when it comes to winter thats where it all changes and out come all of my fleece lined PJ’s and thick hoodies to snuggle up in of an evening (because i’m single AF). This year, because I want to i’m gonna treat myself to some new PJ’s to see me through the winter purely because I have nothing better to do than sit snuggled up in front of the TV with a large hot chocolate.

Attempt to get through my candle collection – Candles for me only really get lit of a cold night, which during winter means every night. However my candle collection is pretty extreme, i’m talking a good 20+ candles which even for me is too many! Even though they make amazing blog props, I really do need to get rid of some just so I don’t feel guilty every time I buy another!

Getting stuck into some new reads – Now reading isn’t something you just do Autumn obviously but for me it’s something I want to get more into. Rather than spending my evenings scrolling through social, I actually want to get my head into a good book and actually learn! I’ve ordered a couple of new reads including Grace Victory’s No Filter (£12.74) and Arden Rose’s Almost Adulting (£7.69) in the hope I learn some life lessons. I’ll keep you posted!

Trying out new soup recipes – Of the warmer months I’ll usually have a salad for lunch, however when it comes to the colder months I want to try making more home made soups to 1) bring some warmth to my body 2) to switch things up, because salads are boring AF. If you’ve got any good recipes, leave them below as i’m intrigued to see what I can whip up.

Adding some new Autumn clothing into the mix – Being someone who works in fashion, personal style is something I love to experiment with and although I do play it quite safe, i’m excited to see what fashion trends spark up this Autumn. Essentially I can’t wait to go shopping and add some new knits into the mix!

What are you looking forward to doing this Autumn?