September To Do List

Can I just ask, how are we already in September? Like, seriously it’s absolute madness to me that in just a few months time it will be Christmas! Anywho, this month I have a lot going on which has me excited for the things that are to come, so I thought i’d do a bit of a ‘to do list’ style post and share a few things I have going on that I should really prep for!

August for me was a month of learning, and it’s safe to say I learnt a lot in terms of life lessons and I will always stick my motto that ‘everything happens for a reason’, whether good or bad it’s given me a really positive outlook for the next few months and i’m ready to smash them.

Book train tickets for blogger events – Yes you read right, i’m attending a couple of blog events this month! Firstly we have Bloggers Festival of which I unfortunately missed out on last year, so i’m really excited to be attending again this year! Also we have the Bloggers Blog Awards, now although i’m not nominated, when voting you get put into a prize draw for tickets and little old me got drawn randomly! So this means i’m off to Leeds… all on my own, so if anyone else is going holla at me! 

Order some bomb gym gear for my PT sessions – That’s right, i’ve signed up with a PT! My gym has some amazing instructors of who most offer personal training, so to get my mind focused and to just learn more about fitness and nutrition in general I thought why not?! I had my first induction session a couple of weeks ago, and as of tomorrow I start a one session a week. If you’re in the Worcester area i’d definitely recommend Georgia Radley Fitness, who has me squatting almost my body weight in my first session.

Find a yummy (hungover) lunch spot in Manchester – Granted this isn’t until end of October, but i’m finally going to visit my ultimate day one blogging gal Em (who no longer blogs but has an unreal fitness insta, which you all need to follow) and although we’ve planned what we’re doing (gym, spa, getting drunk and general chats about our life drama) we’re in need of some delicious and also veggie friendly places to check out! So if you have any recommendations, please let me know! 

Get into podcasts – Podcasts are definitely a new thing to me, but is something I see so many people talking about and part of me wants to introduce new ways of switching off, and I think podcasts would be a great way to do this! Granted I don’t know of any good ones, but i’m hoping to find some related to blogging and just general light hearted humorous podcasts. If you’ve listening to any that you’ve really enjoyed, leave them in the comments and i’ll have a listen!

What are your plans for September?