Summer Beauty Round Up

With the weather being in that temperamental stage of being freezing in the morning, and warm come the afternoon to me means Autumn is approaching. With that being said, for me i’m already beginning to plan my transitional content and with that comes reflecting on the products that I have discovered this summer and loved throughout summer.

To me it only seemed fitting to do a round up style post of these products, as some i’ve not really spoken of and others are ones that are definitely worth mentioning, as they are some absolute favourites of mine and will be coming with me as we approach into the colder months. So here are a few products that have well and truly stolen my inner beauty lovers heart this summer.

Starting off with the product that is the most fitting, and of course it is fake tan! I’ve tried out a few tans this summer, but one that has impressed me so much this summer has been the Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan* (£6.99) of which i’ve used before and loved, however the one i’ve been reaching for the most has been the matte finish, which I prefer to the shimmer finish. For me this is an amazing instant tan and is the first i’ve found to apply evenly giving such a beautiful glowing tan but without leaving any streaks. Now as this is an instant tan, it’s going to come off when you get your skin wet, these things can’t be stopped however this is a lot more water resistant to other instant tans i’ve previously tried, which for me isn’t necessarily a selling point but is nice to bear in mind. If you’re on the look out for a new instant tan that is also budget friendly, then i’d definitely recommend trying this out!

Another product from Rimmel that has really impressed me these last few months is the Rimmel Insta Duo Contour Stick* (£6.99), which for a high street/drug store cream contour stick is pretty amazing! I typically only use the contour side of this as the highlight is a little too subtle for me, but i’ve been wearing this day in day out and for many different occasions as it can be worn quite subtly, or it can be built up into a more bold contour look. What I love about it, is that it’s so easy to apply and anyone could easily use this even those who haven’t contoured before, as it’s really easy to work with and blends out so lovely on the skin that you honestly couldn’t go wrong! Instead of using the highlight end of this product, instead i’ve been loving the Jeffree Star ‘King Tut’ Skin Frost (£25.50) which I know controversial but I can’t deny how stunning this highlighter is. It’s had a lot of love from me over the past couple of months, and is definitely a product i’ll get a lot of use out of because lets face it, these highlighters are huge!

For lips it was a no brainer, as i’ve been wearing the Kylie Cosmetics Send Me More Nudes ($45) liquid lipsticks all summer, but my favourite shade has got to be ‘Commando‘ which is the most stunning orange toned nude i’ve ever laid my eyes on! I’ve raved quite a lot about the Kylie Cosmetics lip products, so I won’t go on but if you want to read a more in depth review, with swatches then check out my post here.

Finally to round of this post is my favourite fragrance pick, as every summer I discover a new summer scent. This year i’ve gotten so much wear out of the Missguided Babe Power Eau De Parfum (£28) which i’m pretty sure every blogger has got their hands on by now, and although i’m not a fan of the packaging, I absolutely love the scent. For me it is one of those summer in a bottle scents and is such a me style of scent. The best way I can describe it is a fruity scent with a vanilla twist, which makes for the most beautiful of scents! If you haven’t tried this, then you honestly must because it’s gorgeous!

What products have you discovered this summer?