Why Blog Events Are The Best & Tips For Attending

Blogging events for me were something i’d not done for the first few years of blogging, purely because I felt I didn’t have the confidence to attend them but as my passion, and confidence to talk about my blog grew so did my want to attend blogger events. Having now attended a few, I thought i’d share some reasons as why I love blogging events, especially for those who too may feel scared to attend them.

Blog events essentially are the next step to getting yourself and your blog noticed, whilst also meeting more bloggers babes which personally I think is amazing, but I know that sometimes events can be daunting especially if you don’t know any or many people attending. So I thought a few tips on finding events and the benefits of attending them would be useful!

You gain exposure in a different way – From attending my first event I found I was gaining exposure in a different way to people just following me on social media, as it gives you the opportunity to talk about your blog and your content, rather people forming their own opinions of your content as such just from what they see. I also found that just because i’d attended the event, I was naturally interacting with more bloggers which have turned into long term blogging pals!

Find events/bloggers close to you – Granted most events do take place in London, but more and more little blog communities across the country are beginning to plan events, you just have to find them which is why I love Twitter because you can connect with so many people, and it’s because of Twitter that i’ve found fellow bloggers who live near me. For example, although I don’t live in Plymouth I am always invited to any of their get togethers as Plymouth is like my second home, and all of the girls are so kind to always think of me. 

Connect with fellow bloggers who are attending the same events as you – For me when I attended my first London event I simply tweeted out if anyone else was attending, and also had a read through the events hashtag to find fellow bloggers who were attending. From this I got talking to a few bloggers, a few who were attending for the first time like myself and we agreed to meet up before so we weren’t alone. Having said that, everyone is super lovely at these events and more than often you can mingle with fellow bloggers there, they won’t do a mean girls on you and single you out.

You get to meet and network with brands in person – The one thing I love about brands is meeting and getting to know them in person, as I personally feel I learn more, I can ask questions and gain not only knowledge of them but also advice on their products! For me attending blog events it isn’t just about the freebies, it’s also making relationships with brands who you can then approach to work with on future projects. As they always say, it’s who you know not what you know.

The freebiesNow, going to blog events for me aren’t all about the freebies, but it’s a lovely little extra that makes attending them feel even more fun, and it gives you the opportunity to try products that you probably wouldn’t ever of thought to try. I’ve found some of my favourite products through the freebie bags at blogging events, so it always a lovely bonus!

If you’re new to blog events, a couple of places to keep your eye on for upcoming events include: Scarlett London, who organises a fair few events in London across the year. Blogosphere Magazine, they always have events popping up here and there. 

Have you attended any blogging events recently?