My Top 5 Rimmel Picks

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know that Rimmel is hands down my favourite brand for highstreet/drugstore makeup and was prior to starting blogging. Over the years i’ve used pretty much every kind of product that Rimmel carries, and not once have I been disappointed. So having said that I thought i’d do a brand focused kind of blog post and share with you my top five favourite products from them.

Rimmel for me have always been a go to, whether it be for foundation or my holy grail powder, I can always look to them when i’m in need of a budget friendly yet good quality product! Having been able to have the opportunity to try out a number of their new releases this year, it only seemed right to talk about my favourite and most used products!

Starting off with my most repurchased product of theirs, their Lasting Finish Foundation (£8.29) which I have used for as long as I can remember and always go back to it when other foundations run out. For me personally I love both the coverage that it gives but also the finish that it gives as it’s not too matte but also not too dewy at the same time. Having used this on and off, and repurchased so many times it’s definitely safe to say that this foundation performs exactly how I like a foundation to perform. It lasts so well throughout the day and seeing as I wear this from 7am to around 8/9pm, it definitely lives up to it’s name as it lasts really well. Although I will say that it’s not gym proof, as I do find it’s often gone or looking quite patchy after a hot gym session but none the less a great foundation to try!

For the cheek area I have two products that i’ve loved this year and mainly for their contouring capabilities. Firstly is the Insta Duo Contour Stick* (£8.99) which came from their Insta Collection back in the summer and I asbolutely love this product but only for the contour end, as the highlight end is just a little too subtle for me. I typically use the medium shade as I find it’s just the right shade for me, and it blends out to a lovely subtle contour, of which you can also build up if you’re wanting a more defined contour look. Secondly we have the Sculpting Palette* (£6.99) which is essentially a cheek palette containing a highlight, blush and bronzer. Again I only really use the bronzer within this palette, but the blush and highlight are also lovely if you’re wanting a more subtle look. Typically day to day I use a powder based product for contouring and this is the perfect shade for me to add a bit of bronze to my cheek bones. I also sometimes use this with the contour stick if i’m really wanting a more defined contour look on a night out and I find they work really well together. 

One product area that I hadn’t tried from Rimmel until this year was their brow products, and their Brow Shake Filling Powder* (£6.99) is probably my favourite out of the brow products i’ve used from Rimmel. Whilst I was in Australia this is the only brow product I took with me and I absolutely fell in love with it. It defines the brows amazingly and the powder stays put so well throughout the day but I do find a brow gel just helps it last that little bit longer. 

Finally from Rimmel and of course it’s a fake tan product because let’s face it, I love a good tan! Last year I really got into their Sunshimmer Instant Tan Matte* (£6.99) and i’ve since tried both this and the shimmer version, and have absolutely fallen in love with how glowing this makes my skin look. It’s a gel like formula that you work into your skin with a mitt and it gives you an instant glowing tan that i’ve not experienced with any other instant fake tan. Also when you do come to wash this off, it works like a normal tan in the sense that it does last for a few days and then begins to fade, but it fades beautifully and not patchy like a lot of tan that i’ve used before.

Have you tried any products from Rimmel? What are your favourites?