The Perfect Cosy Autumn Evening

As the evenings have gotten particularly cold ever so suddenly recently, i’m doing everything I can to make my evenings that little bit more warm and cosy, as i’m one of those people that really feels the cold. I thought i’d share some ways in which i’m making my evenings more cosy, and it may give you some tips as to how you can to!

Typically of a weeknight i’ll come home from work/the gym, and all i’ll want to do is get straight into bed, as I don’t know about anyone else but the cold evenings always make me feel tired and it always seems so much later than it actually is. Having said that i’ve been adding a few things into my routine just help me unwind and to also give myself some ‘me time’ and self care, as they are always important.

Putting your Pj’s on a radiator – Typically before I jump in the shower or bath, whichever, i’ll put my clothes on my radiator to warm through as it’s true that there is no better feeling than getting out of the shower, into the cold to then put on warm Pj’s, am I right? Or am I right?

Making yourself the biggest hot drink – Whether it’s a big ol’ mug of tea or a hot chocolate, I bloody love snuggling up on the sofa with a warm drink, as it just instantly warms me up. I’ve also been treating myself to a few marshmallows on top of my hot chocolate when i’ve got a few calories left over for the day, because who doesn’t love some marshmallows on their hot chocolate!

A long relaxing soak in the bath – Recently, especially after a really hard gym session i’ve been having a bath to help soothe my muscles and i’ve been getting through my Lush stash more quickly than normal! One of my favourites for this time of year is their Magic of Christmas Bubblebar (£5.95), which just smells incredible and gives me all of the Autumn vibes!

Putting a hot water bottle under the covers – Similarly to the pj’s on the radiator, if i’m feeling really cold i’ll pop a hot water in my bed about 30 mins before I go to bed so that it’s nice and warm when I do get into bed. 

Lighting all the candles – For me my room is above the garage, which means my room is always a lot colder than the rest of the house so of an evening i’ll light a good 2-3 candles to just warm up my room and boy does it make my room smell amazing!

What are you doing to make your evenings more cosy?