Soap & Glory It’s a Calendar, Girls!

For the past few Christmas’s we’ve seen more and more brands bring out their own beauty advent calendars, and for some reason i’ve just never jumped on the band wagon of them but i’ve always been interested to see what each brand does to make theirs individual. So you can just imagine how excited I was when Soap & Glory very kindly gifted me with their first beauty advent calendar!

Carry on reading to see just why you need this advent calendar in your life!

One thing I love about Soap & Glory is their entire mantra of empowering women through their always quirky packaging and unique product names, and this year they’ve completely knocked it out of the park with their It’s Calendar, Girls! Advent Calendar* (£40). First of all can I just point out that this is retailed at just £40, with you guessed it 24 whole days of gifts. I’m sure you’ve all seen the drama surrounding a few beauty calendars at the moment and i’m so pleased that Soap & Glory always keep it real when it comes to pricing their products at fair and reasonable prices.

As Soap & Glory say there are treats galore behind every door with this calendar containing twenty four different products across their entire best selling product range from bath and body to beauty, of which has me so excited because i’ve not tried much of their beauty bits as i’m such a sucker for their sweet scented bath and body products. Now I haven’t opened any of the doors on my calendar, purely because I want to save it for advent and be surprised but I can already tell you that you will not be disappointed with this calendar from the list of products inside.

Starting with body bits, this calendar contains a mixture of their best selling body products including:

Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub, Righteous Butter, Hand Food, Heel Genius and 6 mini’s of their body washes in the scents Sugar Crush, Rich & Foamous and Clean On Me. 

Moving onto the beauty bits, again this calendar contains a mixture of their best selling makeup products of which i’m beyond excited for! These include: One Heck of a Blot Primer, Thick & Fast HD Mascara, x2 Gloss Stick, x1 Matte Stick, x5 Crazy Sexy Kohl Liners, x3 Pillow Plump and a cute pair of tweezers!

Personally for £40 I think you get so many good products, and it will also give you the opportunity to try out some products that you not of had the chance to before, and it just adds to the excitement of Christmas! I’ll of course be documenting each day of this advent calendar over on my Instagram stories, so make sure you’re following.

Also, if you’re thinking of picking up this calendar you’re going to need to be quick because it’s currently part of the Boots 3for2 deal!

Have you got any beauty advent calendars this year?