The Body Shop Christmas Haul

When it comes to Christmas releases, one of my all time favourites has got to be from The Body Shop who every year release three limited edition scents of which every year I have stock bought because I love them that much. This year is now different, and with a little cheeky discount code I went a bit mad, so I thought i’d justify it by posting up a haul!

body shop,

Now it wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas scented showergel or two…

This year they have brought back two of the three scents from last years, and i’m silently glad that they chose to keep the Vanilla Chai and the Frosted Berries scents because they were my favourites last year. This year they’ve brought out a new scent, Frosted Plum which I can confirm smells incredible and i’ll no doubt be fighting everyone for this when they go into the sale on boxing day.

From the Vanilla Chai range I of course ordered the Vanilla Chai Shower Gel (£5) because I absolutely love anything vanilla scented and their shower gels are the creamiest i’ve ever used! The scent is truly festive and I find that it’s sweet scent lingers on the skin, whilst also leaving the skin feeling nourished and soft. There is something about a festive shower gel that just instantly brightens up any shower or bath. Also I decided to order the Vanilla Chai Tree Soap (£1.50) purely because it looked so cute that I couldn’t just leave it and was cheap as chips!

From the Frosted Berries range I also decided to order the Frosted Berries Shower Gel (£5) purely because I loved this product last year, as it’s slightly more gel like and less creamy than the vanilla chai shower gel, which means it lathers up really nicely and is one I prefer to use when i’m having a proper good scrub. Again the scent of this is so sweet and festive, and I just absolutely love it! I also ordered the Frosted Berries Tin (£20) because I thought this would make a really nice gift for someone, and this comes with a hand cream which I personally just love to get in a gift set!

From their new Frosted Plum range I decided to only order one product, as I wasn’t what this scent would be like and i’ve wanted to try one of their scrubs for ages, so I thought i’d kill two birds with one stone and order the Frosted Plum Sugar Scrub (£15). As I mentioned, as soon as smelt this I was sold and I already want to order more from this scent! I gave the scrub a test drive the other day and I was gobsmacked at how amazing my skin felt after I used this!

Finally because I spent £30 I got sent a free gift, which was their Shea Butter Festive Picks (£20) gift set which is one of my favourite scents from their range, so I was quite excited to receive this! I may keep this for myself, but I may also gift this to someone for Christmas so we will see, but I thought this was a really sweet deal.

Have you ordered anything from The Body Shop?