A Few Christmas Day Gifts

Merry (belated) Christmas, and I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating with friends and or family! In true me style, of course my first post back after Christmas was going to be a little snippet of some of the lovely and thoughtful gifts that I received from Christmas.

There is nothing that I enjoy more than seeing what everyone else received for Christmas, and if you’re nosey like me then you’re bound to love this style of post too!

My family and friends are all pretty good at knowing what to buy me for Christmas, and it’s safe to say that I absolutey love everything that I was very kindly gifted this year. Beauty wise, one of my best gals gifted me the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette (£39) and I was gobsmacked when I opened this! She is literally the queen of eyeshadow palettes, and I am so excited to use this! From my Dad, he very kindly got me the new Chanel Gabrielle Perfume (£79) which I fell in love with when I smelt this in the summer, and i’m so pleased to have this in my perfume collection. My Mum then finished off the beauty presents with a really cute Beautiful Bronze Nail Polish Set, which contains three different shades including two glitters!

This Christmas I had specifically asked for one or two bits for my blog, and my Stepdad very kindly got me a Seagate Portable Hard Drive (£79.99) as i’ve needed one for quite some time now, so i’m really thankful he got me something that I will put to good use! My Stepmum also got me this really cute Next Initial Notebook (£4) and I thought it was very fitting that it was also orange! Also whilst we’re on orange items, my Mum got me the Spiced Orange Yankee Candle (£23.99) which smells absolutely incredible and i’ve already started burning it!

The last few bits I have to show you are room based presents, as i’m wanting to give my room a little overhaul at make it look a bit more clean and more me. From my Dad and Stepmum, they very kindly treated me to this stunning Oliver Bonas Pink Marble Lamp (£45) which I told him off for getting me, but I absolutely love it and has already taken pride and place on my bed side table! My Mum also got me this beautiful ‘Dream’ Gold Sign, which I will be putting up on a shelf above my bed which fingers crossed will be going up next week, and i’m beyond excited to decorate it.

Finally from my nail lady, she very kindly got me this M&S Zodiac Candle (£6) which is just absolutely stunning, and anyone who knows me will know that star signs and zodiac is a big thing for me, and I just love this cute little candle!

So those are the few bits that I got for Christmas, as well as too much chocolate and of course some fluffy socks!

Did you get anything nice for Christmas?