Festive Wrapping Ideas

When it comes to Christmas gift wrapping I go to town, the more bows and ribbons, the better and everyone always comments on how beautiful my wrapping is (without blowing my own horn). This year I thought i’d share the ways in which i’m adding an extra festive touch to my Christmas wrapping, and hopefully it’ll give you some ideas also!

Every year there is nothing that I enjoy more (other than Christmas day itself) is wrapping all of the gifts for my loved ones!

When it comes to purchasing my festive wrapping essentials, I always shop on a budget and find who is stocking the most bargain yet instagramable wrapping paper and accessories, and this year Wilko, Home Bargains, and Hobby Craft came through and I got some lovely bits!

For all of my ribbons, bows and wrapping paper, the majority of these were either purchased from Wilko and Home Bargains of which cost as little at 50p, and no more than a couple of pounds, which personally I think you cannot go wrong with, and I definitely went over board with the rose gold ribbon this year (no shame)! For all of the girls, I have decided to go with the Wilko Frosted Christmas Sheets (£1) which has two designs, one being the pink with silver flecks and the other being this silver reindeer print. I always add massive amounts of ribbon to my gifts, and I thought that adding a few mini ball balls and a cute glittery leaf would make a cute festive touch!

For the males i’ve gone a little more simple, with a plain silver wrapping paper and again i’ve dressed these with ribbon and bows, but to add a festive touch I decided to add a few left over trimmings from our Christmas tree, which i’ve never thought to do before but I love how it looks!

This year i’ve also decided to do things slightly different and for a couple of my family members i’ve decided to do them a Christmas style hamper, as a way to display their gifts but so they can also use the hampers at a later date. Hobby Craft stock a selection of different sized hampers, but I opted for the 36cm Wooden Hamper (£10) which are such a decent size and fit a good amount of gifts in! They also sell loads of hamper dressing bits as well as this Decorate a Hamper Kit (£25) which comes with everything you’d need to dress a hamper!

What wrapping themes have you gone for this year?