2018 Beauty Goals

Another area of goals that i’ve been thinking about recently is beauty goals, and the areas of beauty that I want to work to get better at during 2018 because I really didn’t look after certain aspects of myself in 2017. So with new year under way i’ve already started to implement a few changes within my beauty regime, and so fair i’m loving it!

During 2017 I absolutely love exploring more with makeup, however I really neglected my skincare and haircare routines, so hopefully these few products will help get me back on track.


For anyone who has followed my blog for a while will know that I have naturally red hair and I have been dying my hair since before I started this blog. It’s been every shade of red/brown possible to the point where it was almost black a couple of years ago, but I have since softened the colour to a more auburn brown which I really like and suits me so much more.

With the years of home colouring my hair, has meant that my hair has become more and more thin and a lot more prone to breakage which really sucks let’s be honest. During 2017 I definitely tried to upkeep my hair, but not as much as I should have and in turn hasn’t helped my hair in the long run. So in 2018 I am making it my mission to get my hair to a much healthier place, with the help of a few products from Cult Beauty.

Starting off with the Living Proof Restore Discovery Kit* (£29) which contains three mini’s from their restore range in order for you discover before committing to buying the full size products. Living Proof are a brand i’ve wanted to try for a while as i’ve seen some amazing things, but i’ve just never been sure on which products to go for, but after reading up about the three products within this set it instantly made me want to see what they are all about. Within the set you get the shampoo, conditioner and mask of which i’ve been using for about a week now and each mini has a really decent amount of product in it in order for you to try out the products, and it’s safe to say I will definitely be repurchasing the full size!

Another product in which I will be taking into the new year as part of my haircare regime is the Sachjuan Hair Repair* (£12) and just the name alone sold it to me. For me I find that my hair always needs a treatment every now and then, and this sounded the perfect at home treatment that I can use along side of my L’oreal Smartbond (£11.48) as a way to give my hair a bit of TLC.


Moving onto skincare and this is a bit of a sensitive subject for me because my skin all revolves around the pill that i’m on, and unfortunately back in the summer I was forced to change pills and has since changed my skin not so much for the better. Prior to being on any sort of pill I underwent six months on Roactuane for acne, so having been through that and now having my acne slowly come back has been a bit of a curveball to say the least, and i’m having to really be careful with what I use on my skin. So moving into 2018 i’m going to be paying a lot more attention to my skin and it’s needs, especially in the more sensitive and acne prone areas.

One brand that i’ve heard some amazing things about has been The Ordinary by Deciem, but i’ve tried anything from them purely because I didn’t know where to start but after a little bit of research I thought i’d give their The Ordinary Niacinamide* (£5) which is branded a dream come true for oily and acne prone skin. Now my skin is in no way oily but with this product designed to target breakouts  and decongest confused complexions (aka sensitive skin), it sounded like an absolute winner and so far it has proven to be amazing.


In the latter of 2017 I really got back into exploring makeup, especially eyeshadow and during 2018 I want to continue to build my confidence up in terms of exploring with makeup, whilst also enjoying the products I already have including all of my Urban Decay palettes. One of my favourite has to be the original Urban Decay Naked Palette (£39.50) but i’ve also added a few other brands to my stash during the last few months of 2017, and I really want to push to begin sharing makeup looks on the blog, and bring a new aspect of content to this little space.

So those are a few beauty goals that I am setting myself for 2018, and i’m almost certain that i’ll be sticking to them!

Have you got any beauty based goals for 2018?