Being Kinder to Ourselves in 2018

I’m sure some of you will have seen my post on How I’m Moving into 2018 and I briefly touched on how I want to be less hard on myself during 2018, and although like everyone i’ve set myself goals for the year ahead, it’s always important to take care of number one aka you!

‘True happiness comes when we focus less on external things and more on our own hearts and minds’

(Kindness, Jaime Thurston)

 Kindness is something that I don’t think comes natural to a lot of people, myself included, in the sense that I am a kind and caring person but I am probably my own worst critic and I often beat myself up or get myself down about things that I have very little control over. I care way too much about other peoples opinions of myself and my life, and this year I have decided that enough is enough.

Whilst browsing my local Tesco’s a few weeks back I stumbled upon a book, Kindness by Jaime Thurston (£4.99) and I firstly thought to myself ‘that would look amazing as a blog prop’ but it then also got me thinking about kindness and how there is very little of it happening at the moment, and just like that it instantly made me want to be kinder, mainly to myself but also to those around me.

The book itself talks about several different topics including self care which I am a massive advocate for, but it also talks about encouragement, volunteering, random acts of kindness, giving people the benefit of the doubt and plenty more amazing ways in which you can be kind not only to other people but also yourself. It has massively spurred me on to do things I wouldn’t normally do and if you are also a bit like me, and wanting to be kinder in 2018 then i’d highly recommend picking up this book, I promise you will not regret it!

I’ve partnered up with Simply Be for this blog post, who we all know are massive advocates for empowering women and for loving yourself for no matter who you are or what you look like. With styles ranging from a sizes 12-32 (with the occasional 8/10), they aren’t about one size fits all and they have some absolutely killer fashion pieces that anyone could pull off.

 One trend that I have been loving these past few months is the embellished denim trend, but i’ve never thought that I could pull it off, so when I saw these Chloe Metallic Pearl Studded Jeans* (£35) I just knew they would be the perfect way for me to pull off the trend in subtle but me way! I’m so impressed with the fit of these jeans as they are super high waisted and I find them so flattering, even after i’ve eaten a massive meal! If you’re looking for some new jeans i’d highly recommend checking out Simply Be as they have a variety of different styles and fits to suit everyone.

 I’ve also been loving the embellished mesh top/body trend that has been oh so popular as I find they just make an outfit and can be styled with anything from a skirt to a pair of jeans, or even some smarter trousers. One top that caught my eye was this Embellished Mesh Shell Top* (£49) which is just absolutely stunning! I love the delicate floral embellishment detail to it and the purple colour to it just works so well with my hair colour and my complexion! Again Simply Be have an amazing range of blouses & shirts which plenty of on trend styles to suit anyone, so i’d really recommend checking them out!

 So here’s to 2018, for being kinder to ourselves, taking care of ourselves and our happiness, and ramping up the sass levels!

What steps are you taking to being kinder to yourself in 2018?