I’ve Migrated From Blogger to WordPress

The time has finally come, I’ve migrated from Blogger to WordPress and I of course had to do a whole blog post because it’s a massive milestone for me and this little blog! I thought it would be useful for anyone who is thinking of making the move and wondering whether it’s worthwhile and how I went about it.

For me migrating over to WordPress wasn’t something I was planning on doing so soon, as I mentioned in my recent post that I wanted to give my blog a much overdo makeover, but when I saw that Pipdig had a sale on their migration services I couldn’t not take up the opportunity. I say this, but I purchased a blogger layout prior to realising they had this sale on but they ever so kindly refunded me, which i’m so grateful for.

Essentially I don’t have the first clue about WordPress but i’ve heard so many amazing things about it from the SEO help to just being so much safer and more secure than blogger, and already i’m finding it really easy to use and very user friendly. I’m sure it’ll take me a little while to get used to all it’s little quirks but i’m so excited to get learning and experimenting with what WordPress can allow me to do!

I’m currently writing this post only a few hours after my migration has gone through, and I hands down would recommend migrating to anyone and i’d highly recommend using Pipdig’s migration service because they made the whole process so easy, with no hassle what so ever! You simply pay for the service, pay for your WordPress site based on how many views your blog gets monthly, hand over some log in details and the rest is in Pipdig’s hands. Although it’s somewhat scary handing over your login details, Pipdig are a legit business and have so many good reviews that you can always trust them with your info.

I’ve also got a brand new layout, probably the nicest layout i’ve ever had and i’m in love! I love how visually pleasing it is as it’s fresh and minimal, but still eye catching and user friendly, and it’s everything I could of wished for! I still have a few tweaks to do but i’d love for some feedback from you all, and if there is any good widgets I should be adding to my blog.

Has anyone else recently migrated or changed their blog layout?