Blogs I Loved Reading in 2017

2017 for me was the year that I properly started getting back into reading blogs, although i’ve always read blogs here and there, there definitely was a time where I lost a lot of interest. I began commenting more and engaging more, and have found some blogs that I absolutely love, so I thought i’d share some love and share some of my favourites with you!

Here are a few blog’s that you need to add to your reading list, if you haven’t already!

 Hannah Gale

Firstly… oh my god, yes Hannah has had her baby, finally! And i’m so excited for her to come back to blogging (obvs when she is ready) and see all the motherhood content! I’ve loved Hannah’s blog for a very long time and have featured her previously on my blog, but she is just an absolute babe. Her content is fresh but relateable, and she covers so many topics from fashion, goals and life bits, to just general chattyness that you can always get on board with! She has also recently had a bit of a blog makeover and it’s all kind of swoon-tastic goodness, so go give her some love!

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 Jodie Melissa

Jodie’s blog is one i’ve read quite regularly this past year after meeting in an Instagram pod, and later meeting at the Bloggers Festival back in the summer. I look forward to every post of Jodie’s as I find her writing style to be so relatable, but easy and her photos are always so well thought out and presented. I’m especially excited for the wedding content, because if you don’t already follow Jodie, then you may not know but she is getting married this year and for anyone who loves wedding content or is also getting married, then you need to give her blog a read!

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 Gemma Louise

Another blogger that i’ve followed for a while and finally met at the Bloggers Festival this year was Gemma, who is probably the nicest but real gals i’ve met in a long time, and her blog is something to be envious (in a good way) of! Her photos are always stunning and the way she incorporates all aspects of her life into her blog, from beauty, to advice and her beautiful little boy is incredible, and I take my hat off to her!

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Corrie’s blog is one i’ve read for the longest of all of these i’ve mentioned, and although she doesn’t blog everyday, every post she puts up I love as each post is well thought out and so engaging. I’ve especially been enjoying her content recently as she covers so many aspects of content but i’m always here for her lifestyle content! I love seeing her latest homeware posts, as well as her drinks recipes and cute photos of her dog Frank! So if you’re like me and love reading some good, honest content then you’re gonna love Corrie!

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Sleek Chic

Finally, I couldn’t not include Nicole in this post because although she is one of my blogging pals, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog this year! I feel like she has found her niche in terms of content and I love the lifestyle route she has gone down recently, as I find her posts to be so engaging but also educational too! She has also just gone through a massive blog overhaul, and like me has moved over to WordPress and got a snazzy new layout, so make sure to give her some love.


 What bloggers have you loved this year?