How I’m Moving into 2018

2017 for me was a bit of an in between year, as I accomplished some amazing things work wise and also blog wise but nothing really stands out in terms of huge achievements within my private life and I kind of just plodded along this past year in my own little bubble. That being said, 2017 was the year that finally saw me get back to being myself and for that I am truly grateful.

So to kick off 2018, I thought i’d put together a goals style post of the things I would like to work towards this next year, mainly blog wise but also life wise.

For me resolutions posts always go the same way every year, you make resolutions and don’t really stick to them however I did accomplish the majority of the ones I made last year, which is a first for me! So this year I wanted to set more goals rather than resolutions, and if they don’t amount to anything I can at least say I tried, and keep on the goal list until I do eventually accomplish it.

Blog Goals

Continue to work on my photography: This year saw me change up my blog’s photography and in the beginning I was really happy with the fresh approach I was taking, but in true me style I found it started to get quite repetitive and I got stuck in a major rut with my photography. You may have noticed recently that i’ve been taking extra steps to improve my photography, and i’m loving where it’s going, so I want to continue to push myself when it comes to my blogs photography in 2018.

Give my blog a much overdue update: For months i’ve wanted to give my blog a fresh lick of paint by giving it a new layout, but i’m just so indecisive at finding one I like. I’ve been eyeing up a few from Pipdig but I also feel that everyone has one from them, so if you know of any good blog template designers, hit me up!

Push myself content wise: One thing that I did notice in 2017 is how much of a little fish I am in such a huge pond, and nowadays it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging for. I noticed a lot of bloggers, newer and older than me paving their way and although I feel that my content is the best it has ever been, I want to push myself more this year to make some killer content.

Life Goals

Continue on my fitness journey: In 2017 I promised myself I would get myself back in the gym, and I have. I even now have a PT who absolutely kicks my ass and i’ve gained so much confidence and also strength, because I never thought i’d see the day where I could squat 50kg. This year I want to continue with my fitness journey, to learn more and gain more confidence in myself, as i’ve seen absolutely amazing results this year!

Save the hardest I ever have: Last year I made it a goal to move out in 2017, but that was soon put on hold when I couldn’t physically pass the affordability tests in order to do so (lol). So at the end of  2017 I paid off my car, which was one of the reasons that I couldn’t pass the affordability tests, and it now means I can save more. So 2018 is the year of saving every penny that I possibly can, and fingers crossed i’ll be able to move out this year/next year.

Letting go and stop being so hard on myself: As I touched on at the beginning of this post, I want leave the word ‘resolutions’ in 2017 and stop being so hard on myself going into 2018, and with that comes letting go of some people in 2017. The last few weeks have been a massive eye opener for me on who has really been there for me this year, and those who really haven’t. The team at ThirdLove are also celebrating the idea of banishing resolutions and just doing you in 2018, which I love the concept behind and definitely think more should get on board and battle the resolution guilt!

What are your goals for 2018?