Three Face Masks to Battle Winter Skin

One thing that often get’s me down about winter is the constant battle with my skin. It’s no secret that I suffer with dehydrated skin and it’s so much worse off in the winter, as we all know the cold can be very harsh on our skin. I thought i’d talk about three face masks that are my unsung heroes at the moment for battling winter skin and are making my life somewhat easier.

winter face masks

Battling winter skin can be a pain, but these three masks will have you sorted.

One brand that i’ve loved for a long time has been Jurlique and they were my saviours when it came to travelling to Australia as they kindly sent me some SPF, and although I still burnt, their products really impressed me! Another skincare product i’ve had in my stash from them for some time is the Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask* (£45) which as the name would suggest, works to replenish any lost moisture from the skin whilst helping to hydrate it and soothe dry skin at the same time. This mask works similarly to a clay mask, and really works to remove any dry skin but doesn’t leave the skin feeling even more dry. Instead my skin not only looks smoother but it feels so much softer, which is exactly what my skin needs after a long week.

Another mask that i’ve been loving recently, of which you’ll of seen my speaking about earlier this week is the Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask* (£16.40) which contains mineral rich kaolin clay that works to not only deliver radiance but also deep cleanse the skin. I’ve used this a few times now since I received this and every time I use it, my skin almost thanks me for slathering this all over my face because it just looks more radiant and feels so energised. I do find a little goes a very long way with this face mask, so you’ll definitely get a fair few uses out of it, which is fab!

Lastly is an overnight style face mask, especially for those who don’t have a lot of free time on their hands and would prefer to sleep with a face mask on. This is of course the Origins Drink Me Up Intensive Mask (£25) which as the name would suggest is a mask great for overly dry skin, as it’s rich formula works to give your skin an intense amount of hydration but over a longer time period to really allow it to soak into the skin overnight. I typically use this when I don’t have time in the evening for a face mask, so i’ll simply apply this to the areas that need it and leave it to do it’s thing, and then finish my washing it off in the morning. Personally I love this face mask because it works like a moisturiser but better, as I always wake up with soft and radiant skin which is exactly what you’d expect from a product like this!

What are your favourite face masks for battling winter skin?