A Few Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day being just over a week away, I thought i’d do what I and all bloggers do best, and that is of course a gift guide of some gift ideas that you can gift to your Mum, Nan or any figure in your life that has supported you as a Mum would for Mother’s Day!

mothers day

Although Mum’s can be Mum’s at times, it’s always important to show how much they mean to you and hopefully this gift guide will give you some gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Starting off with probably any girls favourite gift to receive and also the easiest gift to give, which is of course fragrance! A recent addition that i’ve been loving is the Hugo Boss The Scent For Her* (£36.95) which I have previously featured but it is a stunning scent for any ladies out there!  This is such a typical ladies perfume with a fruity and sweet scent, with notes of orange, peach and freesia which together make for a refreshing yet sweet scent that isn’t overpowering but just right for any occasion. What I also love about this perfume is how classy the packaging is with the lovely rose gold accents. So dreamy!

A couple of makeup bits that i’ve consulted my Mum about, as I of course love my makeup but often Mum’s can be a bit different about makeup so I thought i’d share a couple of products that my Mum loves, that i’m sure most Mum’s out there would also. When it comes to eyeshadow my Mum likes to keep it quite minimal but she loves a palette that has pretty much every kind of shade that she’d wear, as it’s just easier and more practical for her. One of mine that she is forever stealing off me is the MAC Amber Times Nine Palette (£26) which is a palette made up of nine shades being a mixture of shimmer and also matte, and every shade just works so well together. If like my Mum, yours loves her eyeshadows then i’d really recommend checking out these MAC palettes as they’re fairly affordable, have a good range of shades available and just come in so handy.

Another product that my Mum loves is from Urban Decay, and who knew my Mum liked UD because I didn’t! One product from them that she gets a lot of wear out of is the Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss (£15) of which I think has now been discontinued as it doesn’t seem to be stocked anywhere online, however my Mum loves this lipgloss and Urban Decay stock some lovely alternative lipstick options, so you’ll no doubt find one to suit anyone.

Moving onto a bit of skincare as I know a lot Mums who really enjoy their skincare and enjoy taking care of their skin, and a product that I personally love that is slightly more luxurious, and would make a lovely gift is the Jurlique Calming Blend Aromatherapy Mist* (£17). Jurlique are a brand that I absolutely love for skincare as their products are just wonderful to use, but they also focus on aromatherapy and healing, all of which I know a lot of Mums love and this product is just a lovely little pick me, that helps to calm and soothe the skin especially after a long day.

Finally for the last gift idea within this post and moving away from the beauty side of things is an item that I think all Mums have and cherish, which is a jewellery box. Now I don’t know if it’s an old fashioned thing but I swear all Mums have the same wooden jewellery box with stained glass looking doors and if you’re like me, then I thought a new jewellery box would be a lovely gift to give this Mother’s Day. Whilst at a blog event back in the summer I met the lovely team from Stackers, who specialise in jewellery storage and they have their own jewellery box range of which you can stack to create your own jewellery box needs. Their jewellery boxes are stunning, as their so minimal but also totally customisable to your taste and look lovely on any dressing table. The base/top starts from £20, which is so affordable and you can then choose to add other ring trays or earrings trays etc on top of that, all of which is super affordable and would make such a lovely present this Mother’s Day!

So those are a few gift ideas that I hope will help you when deciding what to treat your Mum to this Mother’s Day!

Have you got any plans for Mother’s Day?