A Few Skincare Saviours of Late

It’s been a little while since i’ve shared some thoughts on some new skincare products i’ve been trying, and recently i’ve found some absolute gems that i’ve really enjoyed using and i’ve really noticed a difference in my skin as of late. So, I thought i’d share my thoughts on these products i’ve been loving and hopefully give you some recommendations.


My skincare routine hasn’t always been the best, and still isn’t but i’ve been loving adding these few products into rotation and so far i’ve seen some amazing results!

If you saw my post back at the beginning of the year, you’ll of seen that as part of my beauty goals for this year I wanted to really take care of my skin and get it to a good place, of which I have been doing and i’m so thankful that i’ve started listening to my skin to understand what it really needs. In the post I mentioned that i’d began using The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum* (£5) which is a serum targeted towards oily and acne prone skin. Now I don’t suffer from oily skin, however I do suffer with awful breakouts on my chin and neck, mainly due to a certain fake tan of which i’ve now stopped using but it has taken months for the pores to calm down and for the spots to stop reappearing, and I am holding this product accountable for how much clearer my skin has been. I essentially only use this when I have a breakout, as it is very drying and my skin is naturally dry as it is, but applying a small amount of this to the breakout and the area around it for a few days has been helping to massively clear my breakouts and keep my skin at bay.

Another brand that i’ve been trying a few products from is Sk:n Clinics, who very kindly sent me a few bits as I couldn’t attend an event that they had invited me to, which was so kind of them. Out of the products that they sent over i’ve been loving two for everyday use and would highly recommend these products to anyone out there. The first product i’ve been getting a lot of use out of is the Sk:n Facial Exfoliating Cleanser* (£28) of which is targeted towards all skin types, so anyone can use this and it is essentially a very gentle cleanser that also works to exfoliate the skin. I personally love a cream cleanser and this one has been so lovely on my skin, and leaves my skin feeling so smooth but it also worked to exfoliate any dead skin, or dry skin from my breakouts.

Another product from Sk:n Clinics that has been helping with my breakouts has been the Sk:n Pore Refining Lotion* (£29.50) which is a essentially a lotion that you apply to the area of your breakouts and it works to clears your pores and makes your skin appear smoother and clearer. I’ve been using this alongside The Ordinary serum and both of these product together have been working to really reduce any irritation to my blemishes, whilst also calming them down.

So those are a few skincare products i’ve been using recently, and would highly recommend them to anyone but especially those you have dry skin like myself that can also be prone to breakouts.

What skincare products have you been loving recently?