The £3 Primark Fake Tan You Need

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen that i’d had a little beauty splurge a couple of weekends ago and I also picked up a few bits from Primark, including their own fake tan of which I said i’d report back if it was any good, so this post can only mean one thing…. I bloody love it!

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Being a total fake tan lover, i’ve tried just about every fake tan brand out there and by far this budget buy is my favourite!

Over the years i’ve tried out a fair few fake tan options from different brands, to different formulas and i’ve since settled on mousse formulas to be my favourite as they are just so easy to work with, apply with literally no streaks and I wake up in the morning looking like i’ve been on holiday overnight. Having said that I have tried a fair few mousse self tanners from many brands from budget to more higher end tans, and if i’m honest I find that my skin much prefers a budget tan, as I always have some sort of reaction to higher end tans, from really irritated skin, to breakouts that i’ve never experienced before in my life and being the budget gal that I am, i’m totally okay with this!

Now i’ve not really tried any of the Primark PS Beauty range, mainly because I already have enough makeup within my stash but whilst I was stocking up on some tan mits a few weeks ago, I thought i’d give the PS Bronze Self Tan Mousse (£3) a go, as it’s an absolute steal at £3 and if I didn’t like it, it didn’t matter as it cost so little in the first place. I opted to pick up the ‘medium to dark’ formula as I love a dark tan but they do a lighter version for girls that like a lighter tan also. I did the usual pre tan routine of shaving my body within an inch of it’s life (not that you needed to know that) and applied moisturiser to the areas that I know tan usually cling to on my body, before applying the tan all over my body with a tan mit.

On first application I was really impressed with the immediate colour, as it adds a slight bronzed glow to the skin which I think is fab because it means you can see where you have and haven’t applied tan. It also applied streak free, which is always a bonus and it dries within literally a few minutes of application, meaning you’re not stood around like a lemon waiting for it to try. Typically I leave tans to develop overnight, so I put on my pj’s and went to bed. Leaving it to develop overnight is definitely the most effective way to get the most out of this tan, as it develops into a lovely medium colour pay off and I then shower off any excess that is still on the skin. Typically I find that a lot comes off in the shower, however with this I find that very little comes off and the colour doesn’t really change in comparison prior to showering.

Another thing to mention is that with all self tanners I always find it transfers onto your sheets/clothing even after washing off the excess but this doesn’t one bit and i’m so glad to have found a tan that will no longer ruin my sheets! In terms of wear off, it fades really nice, similarly to most tanning mousses but I do find this also layers really well, and doesn’t go all scabby if you apply a second layer a day or two later!

All in all if you’re looking for a more budget friendly tan, then I would 100% recommend picking this up as i’ve already stocked up on three more bottles, because you can never have enough fake tan!

What are your favourite self tanners?