Valentines Gift Guide For Her

Valentines Day for some can be a lovely day of celebrating their love for a partner, and for others like myself it’s more about appreciating the friends and family that I have around me as i’m as single as single could possibly get. That doesn’t mean I can’t join in on the fun of Valentines day though and I thought i’d help you get in the spirit with a gift guide, which will hopefully spur on some ideas for yourself or your girlfriends!

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Continue reading to see which products i’m personally loving at the moment, that could make really thoughtful gifts this Valentines day!

Now I know a lot of friends in relationships who don’t really celebrate Valentines day but then I also know a lot of friends who do, each to their own really and if like me you are one of those who would celebrate Valentines day (if I wasn’t single obvs), then i’ve pulled together a gift guide focusing on a few products areas and for all budgets.

Starting off with an easy and obvious one which is of course any girls favourite thing to do, which is of course having a well deserved bath with a Lush product of two. Now every year we all know that they release a limited edition range for Valentines Day  and this year I decided to see what new bits they had released and also if there were any products that I hadn’t tried. The one that caught my eye was the Titsy Toasty Bath Bomb (£3.50) which just looks so cute and romantic! It also smells incredible which is another thing that drew me to buying this one as it has lemon and jasmine mixed together, and when it fizzes it releases rose buds into your bath which I just think is so cute!

Another product that I absolutely love for pampering myself has got to be the Magnitone Baredfaced Shimmer Cleansing Brush* (£90) which i’ve gotten so much use out of it these last couple months and my skin seems to be a lot more manageable since adding this into my routine. If you’ve been wanting a cleansing brush for a while, or your girlfriend has then I would really recommend checking this one out!

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A big obvious and an easy gift idea has and always will be fragrance, as you can never go wrong with a fragrance especially when retailers such as Fragrance Direct have some amazing deals on fragrance. A personal favourite of mine is the YSL Black Opium Eau de Toilette* (£50) and i’ve been a long time lover of this scent! They have a few different versions/bottle designs of this fragrance, but from what I can tell they all smell the same and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of smelling this then you’ll know how amazing this perfume is. Another scent that i’ve heard some amazing things about is the Hugo Boss The Scent For Her* (£36.95) which comes packaged in the most gorgeous and sophisticated bottle ever! This scent is very much up my street as it has a lovely mix of fruit and floral that is both feminine but also sexy at the same time, which I know most girls will absolutely love!

Finally the last gift idea that would be perfect for a red lipstick lover is of course the Charlotte Tilbury So Marilyn Lipstick* (£24) which is honestly the perfect red shade! The formula of this lipstick is also really nice as it isn’t matte but also has a nice sheen to it that I personally love in a lipstick and would no doubt be a lovely gift to give this Valentines day!

What are your plans for Valentines?

Are you spending it with your other half, or are you celebrating Galentines like me?