A Current Read For Learning to Love Yourself

During my little detox from social media last week, I got back to enjoying a few things outside of blogging like catching up on some tv shows, catching up with old friends and I also decided to pick up a book, and just read as i’ve not read in a fair amount of time now. Last year I found the niche of books that I enjoy, ones that aren’t too hard on the old brain but ones that talk about self care and ways in which you can be a better you, and I thought i’d talk a little about one i’m loving at the moment.

For me loving myself has never been an easy task as i’m sure many girls and also guys will agree that our teenage years definitely mould us into the people we are today in some way and many of us find that those years have a lasting effect on us. I think many people can relate with me when I say that bullying, peer pressure and just generally growing up during your teenage years are and were confusing. Having to deal with everything that is going on as well having our bodies change and almost our innocence taken away from us, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people have trouble with low self esteem and very little confidence.

Helena Grace Donald hits the nail on the head in her recently released book Learning To Love The Girl in The Mirror* (£11.85), where she discusses her struggles as a teenager with her very own ‘little miss critical’, the voice that i’m sure we all have in our own heads from time to time that taints you for every thing that you do. Whether it’s feeling guilty for eating a piece of cake or putting on a stone or two. She discusses the battles she faced and how she beat those head on, before going on to help and offer guidance to those in a similar situation to herself when she was a teenager through this book.

During my little social media detox I really enjoyed reading more into this book, and somewhat delving into my past and beginning to address my own issues that I have with self confidence and esteem. Now don’t get me wrong, this book doesn’t open up the demons in your closet, but it definitely helps to open up your mind and slowly figure out ways in which you can try to overcome things in your life. Although this book is targeted more towards young teenage girls, I still think this book is relatable to those like me in their early twenties, still trying to figure out their lives. When I was younger and going through my teenage years, I often wished there was something out there that helped us girls with the trials and tribulations of growing up and this book is exactly what I would have wanted back then.

I love that she covers all areas, from clearing your thoughts, to ditching ‘diets’ and learning which foods are good for you (which i’m still to fully learn and understand) and also, learning how to tap into yourself through the pressure points in your body to relieve stress, which for me i’ve found really helpful and can be helpful in so many other ways. Not just for relieving stress, but it’s also great for coping with anxiety, cravings and uncomfortable feelings, which often control our minds a fair bit.

 If like me, you’re wanting to spend a little less time on social media and love self care books that help to open up your mind to the trials and tribulations of life, then this is a read for you! As part of this blog post, I have been a part of a book tour for this very book, so if you’re wanting to read more thoughts and reviews on this book, then make sure to check out the other amazing bloggers listed below.

What books are you currently reading?