ABH Cosmetics Beauty Finds

ABH Cosmetics is a brand I’ve wanted to try more from for quite some time, seeing as everyone raves about their liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes like they are going out of fashion! During my little social media detox, it opened up more time to experiment more with some recent additions from Cult Beauty, and I thought i’d share my thoughts this far.

I’ve been a massive of ABH Cosmetics ever since I treated myself to my first pot of their iconic Dip Brow just over a year ago, and has since become my daily go to for my brows, so much so that I’ve since wanted to try more of their highly raved about products to see if they are as good as everyone says.

The main product that I really wanted to try from them was of course on of their foundations, as I’ve been delving more into higher end foundations as of late I’ve found some absolute gems recently. Having heard some amazing things about the ABH Stick Foundation* (£25) I was really intrigued to see what this was like, as stick foundations in general are getting a lot of hype currently. On first impressions, it essentially looks like a larger stick concealer and the consistency is somewhat similar also, so I was very sceptical as to whether I would get on with this, as stick concealers have never been my favourite.

As I know this was likely to be a lot more drying, I prepped my skin with a moisturiser and a primer, as I knew without these it would of clung to every dry bit of skin on my face. Similarly to a stick concealer, I applied the product directly onto my skin and then blended this in using a buffing brush. On first application, the coverage definitely didn’t compare to my everyday foundation and my skin looked a lot less dewy, which I wasn’t a major fan of in all honest but I did find that the coverage lasted quite well throughout the day. Having said that, I think this foundation is definitely more suited to the combination/oily skin type, and isn’t one for dry skin but I have since been using this more as a concealer, as the shade I chose is more my natural skin tone and not my tanned skin tone.

Moving onto probably my favourite out of the three products that they sent over, and these are the ABH Liquid Lipstick Set* (£26) which contains three mini’s of their Liquid Lipsticks. I opted for this set because I didn’t really know what shades to choose and I thought this set had a lovely mix of shades to try, and so far i’m loving them. My favourite shade has definitely got to be ‘Hudson’, which is stunning peach toned burnt like shade that i’ve gotten so many compliments on. I’m really impressed with the quality of these liquid lipsticks as their staying power is amazing, much like the Kylie Cosmetics ones and we all know how much I love those!

Lastly I opted for a new pot of the ABH Dip Brow Pomade* (£19) as my current one is on it’s last legs so I was really in need of a new pot of this! As i’ve said before, this brow product is hands down my favourite and will be for a long time coming, as i’ve found any other brow products to rival this one. If you’ve not tried this product, or any of the other ABH brow products, i’d highly recommend in doing so as I know so many people who love them, both within blogging and outside of blogging.

What are your favourite ABH products?