Why I’m Looking Forward to Spring

After posting my recent chatty post, it really got me thinking how much I enjoy just chatting and writing down what’s on my mind on here from time to time. As much as love writing my thoughts on the products that i’ve been loving, it’s nice to also be a little more personal on here sometimes. With it technically now being Spring, I thought i’d share some things that i’m really looking forward to over the coming months.

I’m currently writing this post with the sun making probably it’s first appearance of the year and it finally feels like Spring is on the way (even though it’s forecast to snow again next weekend). I don’t know about you but Spring is no doubt my favourite season a part from the rain, that can just stay away as far as i’m concerned. I just love the chilled warm days and the longer evenings, and of course being able to wear sandals all day everyday! Any who, let’s get into the things I’m so excited for.

Taking full advantage of the lighter days – I’m pretty sure as bloggers we literally live our best lives during the Spring months as we have so much more time to shoot photos with the natural light, as it just makes getting photos so much easier and I find I enjoy taking photos more in the Spring months.

A little Easter weekend get away – Pretty much every Easter I visit my Dad in Plymouth and this year is no exception and i’m beyond excited for a bit of a break and to see my Dad of course. I’ve been going a tad hard recently on the partying side of life and it’s definitely welcomed having some time off work, and getting away for a few days.

Longer chilled evenings – During the winter months I always feel that the evenings are just boring, as it’s cold and no one wants to be venturing out in the cold but when it comes to Spring I always feel like I can take full advantage of it being lighter to actually do things after work and make plans with people.

Ditching the jumpers – Like I said, I love being able to live in sandals during the Spring months and with that I cannot wait to put away all of winter jumpers and actually wear something other than jeans and my puffa coat! I love Spring fashion and I love being able to express myself through what I wear.

Exploring my local area more – In the past year or so, the city in which I live in has really stepped up in terms of eateries and bars, and i’m really looking forward to exploring more and finding some new spots.

What are you looking forward to this Spring?