Fitness: Trialling Get Nourished Protein Iced Coffee

If you’ve been keeping up with my fitness posts, then you’ll know that fitness and regularly going to the gym has become a big part of my life in the last six months and a major part of most gym goers nutrition is protein. Typically most girls associate protein with body building or want to ‘get big’, which is far from the case and I thought i’d share the ways in which I use protein and a recent favourite of mine from Get Nourished.

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Continue reading to hear more about Get Nourished Protein Iced Coffee’s and why i’ve been loving their iced coffee…

Now i’m no nutritionist nor do I know much in terms of protein and diet but knowing what I know works for me, so i’m just speaking of my own experience here. For me personally I began to up my protein in take as I was beginning to lift weights, weights deemed somewhat heavy for me and as a part of recovery I was advised that upping my protein in take would help to reduce that ‘after gym ache’, which to my surprise it does!

Ways in which I personally add extra protein into my diet is through the obvious route of protein shakes and protein snacks, and a recent favourite of mine has been the Get Nourished Iced Coffee* (£2.99 per bottle), and the team from Get Nourished recently challenged me to get involved with their Get Nourished Challenge, to essentially try out their iced coffee’s for a week and to see how I get on with them, to which I of course said yes as i’m always looking to try alternative protein drinks and snacks.

Get Nourished is a recent brand to the market of whom specialise is delicious iced coffee’s of which are both lactose free and gluten free and also great for vegetarians (but unfortunately not vegans, as they of course contain whey protein) but the best part about these shakes is that they contain a nice 25g helping of protein, which is great for any gym addict who also love their daily caffeine fix. I’ve recently been adding these tasty iced coffee’s into my daily routine and using them to replace my typical protein shakes which can be somewhat boring and often the texture/taste isn’t the nicest, which is why many opt for alternatives options.

During my week of adding these iced coffee’s into my daily nutrition, not only did I find they had the same effect of my protein shakes of relieving my body from the doms but I also found that they were a great fix to help replenish my energy levels as an after gym pick me up, especially after my PT sessions as they are a little soul destroying to say the least. When it comes to the flavours of these iced coffee’s, they have a nice variety to choose from so it’s not just one flavour fits all. Personally my favourite is the Vanilla Bean Latte* (£2.99) as I love vanilla flavoured drinks in general but they also have Coconut & Cocao Mocha* (£2.99) and Hazelnut & Cocao Mocha* (£2.99) which are both quite refreshing and the added chocolatey flavour is a great pick me up.

If like me you’re an avid gym goer or are looking to try out more protein based snacks and drinks, i’d 100% recommend trying out these delicious iced coffee’s! They’re so affordable and I personally find that you can’t even taste the protein within them, which is the whole mantra behind why they created these in the first place! Shop online at Get Nourished or in store at Holland & Barrett.

 What are your favourite sources of protein?