Spring Beauty Additions

Now that we’re official into spring, I’ve slowly started to switch up my beauty routines as my needs/wants going into the warmer months change slightly. I thought i’d do a round up of a few products that i’ve recently added into my beauty routines, from skincare, to haircare and also makeup/fragrance, and share some first impressions on these new additions.


Continue reading to find out which products have made it into my spring beauty picks!

Starting off with skincare, for the most part i’ve really been concentrating more on my skincare and trying to stop my breakouts where I can and i’ve really found that my skin reacts better to oils or cleansing balms, as apposed to cream based cleansers which i’ve typically used a fair bit of the past few years. I’m not entirely sure why, but it seems the dryness in my skin really appreciates the oil like formulas, and I find it breaks my makeup down really well in general. A recent cleanser addition into the mix has been the No.7 Nourishing Cleansing Balm* (£13) and i’ve been loving using this so far. It melts away every trace of makeup and leaves my skin not only looking clean but feeling so smooth, as I do find some cleansing balms can leave my skin feeling stripped. No.7 isn’t a brand i’ve tried much from, but this has really impressed me as of late and i’ll definitely be checking out their skincare going forward.

As many of you will know, I love fake tanning especially more so this year as I tend to not fake tan through the winter months but it’s almost given me a new sense of confidence and life recently. Although I do love an instant tan, I also really enjoy using gradual tanners, especially when i’m just wanting a slight tint of colour to keep up a natural looking glow. My favourite gradual tanner at the moment is the St.Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Lotion* (£15) which works the same as most gradual tanners, however this is probably the only one i’ve ever used that hasn’t left me streaky. I also find that this lasts so well, unlike most graduals tanners that wash off after a day or two. So if you love a gradual tanner, i’d one hundred percent recommend getting this one.

One haircare item i’ve recently been trying out is the Pureology Superfood Strength Care Mask (£26.50) which I ordered a few weeks ago, along with a few other products from this range. Recently the condition of my hair has really been getting to me, and it seemed like no mater what products I used, nothing seemed to help so I did a bit research and decided to give this range a go. Out of all the products this mask has got to be my favourite as it just revives my hair and leaves it feeling so soft, but also looking so much more healthier.

A recent makeup addition into my daily routine has been the highly hyped Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer (£4) which I finally managed to get my hands on, and I can see why everyone has been going bananas for this product. I’ve never known a concealer to hide blemishes like this one, and it highlights the under eye region so well also! The only downside I have to this, is that it has broken me out which is so upsetting because it works so well to cover blemishes. Having said that every product works differently on everyone and i’d still recommend anyone trying this!

Finally we have a fragrance, which I have featured a couple of times but i’d kind of been saving this for the warmer months as it was definitely more of a spring time pick for me. The perfume in question is the Boss The Scent for Her* (£36.95) which is such a stunning fragrance, with a mixture of citrusy notes with hints of florals, it’s honestly the perfect spring/summer scent.

What products have you added into your Spring routines?