Current Favourite Makeup Brush Set with MASQD

It’s been some time since I spoke about or reviewed any makeup brushes as i’ve always stuck to the same brushes and have just washed them religiously. Having said that, after a few years of using the same brushes it’s safe to say they’re beginning to look worse for wear, so I thought it were time to add some new brushes into my stash and I thought i’d share my thoughts on some that i’ve been loving!

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You may have seen a few bloggers and also sponsored/ad’s popping up across a few social media platforms for MASQD, who specialise in beauty tools from makeup brushes, including eye brushes and face brushes, and also nail care tools, all of which are super affordable and compete so well against other brush brands. I’ve recently been trying out a couple of their face brushes and let me tell you i’m really impressed and i’m already wanted to add more to my collection!

The MASQD Finishing Set* (£18) contains four different brushes, all of which are designed to target a different area of the face and also any product that you’re most likely to use on a daily basis. My favourite and most used brush has been the buffing brush as it works so well to buff and blend my foundation, and I find the slightly tapered head to this really get into the nooks and crannies of my face, especially around my eyes and nose area. I’ve also been enjoying use the blusher brush, which I use for both powder bronzer, blusher and setting powder, and again the shape and size of this is perfect to get a really nice application with.

Also within this set you get a highlighter fan brush which has been giving my highlighter life! Typically i’d just use a blusher brush to apply highlight and I always thought it looked pretty good, until I used this and boy was I blown away! If you haven’t tried a fan brush for applying highlight, then you need to because it will change your life! Finally within this set is a contour brush which is fab for cream based contour products. The shape of this brush really works to get into the hollows of your cheeks and blend cream based product like no other i’ve used.

The quality of these brushes has really surprised me as i’ve always been faithful to the RT brushes and haven’t really found any brushes that live up to their quality, but these are on par, if not better than the RT brushes (yes i’ve just said that!). The bristle quality on these are so soft and pick up product really well without soaking up product like some other brushes i’ve tried, and the quality stays in tact through cleaning these brushes, as i’ve found some start to shed after one wash, but not these!

If you’re on the hunt for some new brushes but you’re not looking to break the bank, i’d definitely recommend checking out the MASQD range! Available now both in store and online at Boots!

Have you tried any of the new MASQD range?