Getting Your Blog Mojo Back

After having a good month of fully losing my blog mojo, it’s safe to say that finding it again hasn’t been the easiest and although I haven’t fully gotten it back, my love for blogging is slowly returning and I wanted to share some ways that i’ve found to really help get back into the spirit of blogging.

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Here are a few tips on how i’ve gotten my blog mojo back recently, and how you can to!

Switch it up

For me, every time I lose my blog mojo it’s through lack of creativity or the repetition of creating similar content through imagery or writing style. One thing i’ve found that always helps to give me a bit of a boost is to try something new. Whether it be using new blog props or styling your photos completely differently or going for a completely different approach in content, whatever you feel comfortable in changing up a bit, i’d definitely recommend it as it kind of opens your eyes a little and for me gives me a little buzz.

Don’t go from famine to feast

One thing I try to do to get my blog back on track is to completely throw myself in at the deep end by trying to get back into my old schedule of minimum three posts a week, but when you’ve had a break it’s really hard to suddenly find that motivation again. Taking it somewhat easy and easing yourself slowly back into a routine is definitely the best way i’ve found to getting my mojo back, and this far seems to be working.

Seek inspiration

At times, the reason why I lose my blog mojo is because i’m purely out of post ideas. I don’t have any new products to review or topics that I want to talk about, so I kind of just give up. Typically when i’m going through the motions of lack of ideas I seek out inspiration from other sources. Whether it be from other bloggers or tags i’ve seen going round, I’ll sometimes take inspiration and put my own spin on something. For example, if a blogger has done a post all about their spring beauty picks, i’ll then do a post on products I too am loving, whilst always remembering to give credit where credit is due.

Get organised

One thing i’d been priding myself in is how organised i’d gotten with my blog, then it all kind of went to pot. So since coming back after my little break i’ve been making sure to organise myself and my blogging schedule, rather than just throwing myself into it. One thing i’ve been doing is writing endless lists and highlighting things when they’re done, so I know i’m getting everything done that i’ve planned to do. I’ve found jotting everything down has really helped me get into the right head space and i’d definitely recommend starting with organising yourself before doing anything else.

So those are just a few things that i’ve been doing to get my mojo back recently and fingers crossed it will help you too! I’ve also previously written an entire post on blogging with a full time job, which I think may be really helpful also!

What do you find helps when you’re feeling uninspired with blogging?