Two Hair Saviours from Tigi

Hair care is a topic I don’t cover all that often on here, but when I do let me tell you it’s usually about a product I absolutely love and would recommend to anyone, especially anyone who suffers with dry or overly damaged hair like I do! Today I want to share my thoughts on two products from an old favourite brand of mine, Tigi that i’ve been loving as of late, and that you need to try if you haven’t already.

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Continue reading to see which two products from Tigi i’ve been loving recently!

Tigi is a brand that i’ve used and loved ever since I was in my early teens, and over those years i’ve tried so many of their products to the point where a few of my favourites were discontinued over the years and to be honest i’ve not found products like them since. As soon as I began to see reviews on their Headshot range, I knew that eventually I would want to try out products from this range as it sounded absolutely fab to me.

A few weeks ago whilst visiting my local TKMaxx store, I spotted that they had a few of the Tigi Headshot Reconstructive Shampoo (£13.95) and also the Tigi Reconstructive Headshot Conditioner (£15.95) of which were an absolute steal at like £4 each as apposed to the RRP of most online retailers, so for that price I didn’t even think twice about purchasing them, and so far i’m so impressed that I already want to repurchase them! As the name suggests, these products work to target the areas of the hair that is need of repair and helps to reduce breakage and split ends, of which my hair is very prone to.

Since I began using these two products i’ve noticed such a massive difference in the condition of my hair as it feels softer with every wash and i’ve noticed that my hair is looking a lot less frizzy which is usually caused by split ends and flyaways. The shampoo is slightly different formula wise to anything i’ve used before as it’s quite light on the hair, and doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry or stripped like a lot of shampoos aimed at damaged hair. I also love the scent of this shampoo as it has a slight minty scent to it that leaves my hair smelling so fresh and clean!

As for the conditioner, the bottle size if slightly smaller than the shampoo but retails ever so slightly more expensive and I can never get my head around as to why brands do that, but I guess it’s because conditioner often goes further. The conditioner for me is comparable to a conditioning mask, as the results are similar to a mask that i’d apply and leave on for 5-10 minutes but with this I literally have to leave it on for a minute or two, and my hair feels absolutely incredible.

 If like me you’re always wanting to find a shampoo and conditioner aimed at dry and damaged hair but can never find anything that works for you, then i’d definitely recommend trying out this range.

Have you tried any products from Tigi?