Current Favourite Fake Tan Picks from Rimmel

If you’ve been following me for a while then you’ll know how much I love fake tan and how i’ve tried a lot of different tanning brands over the years, some i’ve loved and others i’ve not but one brand that i’ve loved for a while now is Rimmel, and i’ve recently been trying more from their tan range. I thought as a post to ease myself in after a little mini break (again, i’m sorry i’m a crap blogger at the moment) that i’d talk you through these products and why i’ve been loving them.

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For a few years now the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan* (£6.99) has been my go to for when i’ve need an instant glow, or a quick top up to any pre existing fake tan and it is hands down my favourite instant tan. Not only is it cheap but it works to give a beautiful glow and just makes your tan look absolutely incredible. Typically i’ll apply this with a mitt as it is a somewhat runny gel formula and definitely isn’t one to blend with your hands, in fact I urge to never use your hands when using this product, you’ll thank me later. I find you have to work somewhat quite quick with this product but it blends beautifully and dries in a few minutes in order for you to get dressed and head out. I do find that although this tan is said to be waterproof, it’s definitely not when you’ve not rinsed off the first layer but I do find it lasts really well for a few days when left to develop and washed off. Personally I prefer the matte finish of this product but the shimmer version is fab if you love an even more glowy look!

A recent addition into my mousse tan collection is the Rimmel Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse* (£7.99) of which is like all other tan mousse self tanners. You essentially shake the bottle, apply the mousse onto a mitt and then buff it into your skin until blended. Typically with mousse tanners I’ll apply them before bed and then sleep in them so that the tan develops overnight, so that when I wash it off all of the excess has gone and i’m left with a nice glow. I’ve been using the medium shade of this and it’s definitely true to what i’d class a medium tan shade as, but it does make we wonder how the light the light shade is as i’m a fair skin gal and even I could go darker using a medium shade. I find that this tan is one of the best smelling fake tan’s i’ve used in a while and doesn’t leave that awful biscuit smell you often get and the finish is just beautiful. Longevity wise, it’s fab! It fades really evenly and lasts a few days, but with this being lighter than i’d usually go for I do notice the colour fades quicker than i’d usually like but that’s just down to my shade preference.

The last product from Rimmel’s latest tan releases is the Rimmel Sunshimmer Self Tan Lotion* (£8.99) which I oddly can’t find stocked online, so I don’t know if this has sold out or is exclusive in store but i’ve not used a self tan lotion ins a while due to the fact that they typically go streaky on me. However applying this as I would a tan mousse, with a mitt prior to going to bed and sleeping in this I find it gives a beautiful and even tan. Again I find the shade pay off of this quite true to a medium shade but is definitely one i’d prefer ever so slightly darker, but I do find you can build this up over a few days to give a really nice colour pay off that lasts really well.

All in all i’m really impressed with Rimmel’s newest additions to their tan range and is one i’ll continue to use going forward as I love discovering new tanning products that are not only affordable, but that work!

Have you tried any products from Rimmel’s tan range?

*Products featured were complimentary” from Influenster for testing purposes but all thoughts are 100% my own and honest.