Fitness: How I Stay Motivated

If you follow me on Insta, then you may know that fitness has become a major part of my life over the past eight months or so, and it’s a topic I have slowly started to introduce to my blog. Although it’s not the most popular of topics with you guys, it’s still something I want to talk about and one question I get a lot is how I stay so motivated around working long hours, and juggling everything else life throws at you.

I thought it would be perfect to continue this little series by sharing the ways in which I stay motivated, and how if you’re wanting to get into fitness you can motivate yourself because i’m going to be honest, it’s something that often doesn’t come naturally to people. The want to actually move your body and challenge your body, it’s not something you’d deem as fun in the beginning but trust me, you’ll grow to love it.

Set Goals

For me, setting myself goals in everything I do is the one way that I motivate myself through life in general. Whether it’s work, blogging, fitness or general life admin, setting myself goals and tasks that once you complete gives you a sense of achievement, and makes you strive to do more or better. For me, my goal when I started getting back into fitness was to eventually be able to do a sit up without it feeling like my spine was digging into the floor, and to eventually be able to do a proper push up (i’m still working on the latter), but identifying areas in which you want to hit goals, for me is one way in which I stay motivated.

Hire A Personal Trainer

When I first started getting back into fitness, the one thing many people recommended was to get a PT in order to not only motivate me but to also guide me and educate me. Even if you only have a few PT sessions, I find that because someone is literally shouting at you and pushing you, it instantly motivates you. There have been plenty times where i’m literally dying on the rower but i’ve somehow found an extra burst of energy in me to go that extra mile, all because someone is spurring me on. Another thing you can do if you can’t afford PT sessions is to purchase a guide. I’m currently doing the guide from BusyBeeCarys and this guide is an 8 week guide for just £15, and let me tell you the workouts are just as hard as my PT sessions, and make training fun whilst also affordable!

Tracking Progress

When I say tracking, I don’t mean food because I mean that in itself completely demotivated me, but tracking your progress through measurements and pictures, for me motivates me everyday. To look back and see what I used to look like in comparison to now is the single biggest motivator for me, because I can see how each hard gym session has contributed to how I not only look but feel. I haven’t posted my transformation on any of blog social media because it’s not a typical thing for me to post but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

Fitness Community

I’m very fortunate that the gym where I train has a wonderful and friendly community of people and staff that just spur you on and motivate me every time I walk through the door. Not all gyms are like this, but i’d definitely recommend doing your research and reading reviews if you’re thinking of joining a gym because I wouldn’t join a gym now, if I knew that the staff and people weren’t friendly. I also follow a lot of fitness accounts on Instagram and just seeing people sharing their passion for fitness through social media instantly gives me a kick up the bum to get into the gym.

Gym Buddy

For most of my fitness/gym going life, i’ve had a gym buddy or two who I don’t train with everyday but when we do train we motivate and spur each other on. Typically i’ll do circuits or HIIT style workouts with a gym buddy as they can be so gruelling but when you’re doing them together it makes them fun and that little more bearable. I’d definitely say that if you can get yourself a gym buddy, then it’s an amazing way to motivate not only yourself but someone else.

So those are just a few ways that I stay motivated! It’s not always easy or smooth sailing but once you’re into a rhythm you’ll find it a lot easier to stay motivated.

How do you stay motivated when it comes to fitness?