Summer Glow Essentials

With the weather being as beautiful as it has been currently i’ve noticed myself reaching for more glow getting products, just to make myself feel more radiant and looking like i’ve got that healthy glow! I thought i’d share my thoughts on a few products i’ve been using on a daily recently that have slowly become essentials in my day to day routine.

When it comes to Summer time I always enjoy experimenting a little more with my makeup and beauty, especially as i’m usually fake tanned and I find that I can really pull off more of a glowy look when i’ve got a bit of colour to my skin. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love a dewy look but often that can translate as looking a bit sweaty but i’ve found the perfect mix of products to get a radiant and glowy look without just looking hot.

Two products i’ve really been enjoying mixing together are the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Primer* (£38.50) and my trusty Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (£8.29). Typically I would apply the primer first, but I find that adding a few drops of this to my foundation to add a lovely glow to my foundation and my skin just has this beautiful radiant look that I just don’t have naturally. When i’m tanned I use the shade 400 Natural Beige in this foundation and it’s the perfect match as I don’t apply tan to my face as my skin is so sensitive on my face.

When it comes to adding a little extra glow, i’ve been reaching for some old highlighter favourites of mine that i’ve somewhat neglected over the past few months. One of my favourite highlighting palettes is the ABH Glow Kit (£41) of which this actual shade range got discontinued but I still absolutely love using this as the shades are stunning, but can be subtle or intense depending on how much you build the shades up. Another highlighter I love using for a pop is the Iconic London Illuminator* (£30) which is a liquid highlighter and you literally need one drop of this for a stunning highlight that I haven’t experienced with any other product.

Another powder product i’ve been loving again recently is the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush (£8.99) which i’ve loved for a couple of years and have repurchased a few times now! I find the shade Lovely Pink to be as described, as lovely pink shade that looks beautiful when i’ve got a bit of colour to me and just makes the apples of my cheeks pop but in a lovely subtle way! I also love the formula of this blush as it’s slightly creamy but powdery at the same time, and has a lovely flush of shimmer through it that just adds further to the glowyness!

Another product you all know i’ve been loving recently is the Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan* (£6.99) and i’ve been using this to top up my tan of a daytime as sometimes my skin just isn’t glowy enough for me and I need a quick fix, because I am not ashamed to admit i’m a fake tan addict! I posted a more in depth review of this, so make sure to read that if you’re wanting to know more!

Finally one product that i’ve recently been using a lot recently is the Twist & Spritz Refillable Spray* (£10) which is a refillable and portable perfume atomiser which has been a saviour for me as I’m not a big bag person nor do I like carrying my perfume bottles around with me. It’s super easy to dispense your perfume into and is small enough that it fits in any bag. When it comes to perfume, although this doesn’t give you a literal glow I always feel that little extra special and put together when i’m wearing my favourite fragrances and is just the finishing touch to any beauty look for me.

So those are a few products i’ve been reaching for recently to help get me feeling glowy and radiant this summer!

What products have you been loving for summer?