A Few 25th Birthday Presents

Following on from my last post it only seemed right to do the traditional ‘what I got for my birthday’ style post that I seem to do every year following on from my birthday, as I love reading these kind of posts personally and I always enjoy putting these kind of posts together, and I know i’m not the only one who enjoys them. So here is a little snippet of a few gifts I received for my birthday this year!

This year I hadn’t really asked for anything in particular, as I find as you get older you tend to not really need or want many things but with that being said my family and friends did really well, and they definitely spoilt me which I really wasn’t expecting!

As you can see my family and friends know i’m a massive beauty lover as the majority of my presents were beauty related! One of my friends surprised me with the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette (£43) which i’ve wanted for such a long time as i’ve read probably every review going on this palette and have swooned over it for such a long time, so i’m really excited to finally have this palette! My Stepmum very kindly gifted me the Benefit BAD Gal BANG Mascara (£21.50) as we both love this mascara and like her I always have a few mascara’s on the go at one time, so I was very happy to have another to add to my stash.

My work colleagues very kindly got me a few bits from Oliver Bonas, who I didn’t know did beauty products so I was very surprised when I opened these few presents!  They all know I love a good hand cream so the Mini Hand Cream Trio (£8) was the perfect gift for them to get me as i’m always going through hand creams at my desk at work. They also got me the Peony Rose Fragrance Roller (£7) which smells incredible and i’ll definitely be using this when i’m on the go or travelling. A couple of friends i’ve made through work treated me to some Lush bits including a few of the Snow Fairy products which she’d saved from Christmas just to give me on my birthday and another work friend got me  The Body Shop Strawberry Beauty Bag (£12) which is one of my favourite fragrances from The Body Shop!

As most of my family and friends know i’ve become obsessed with the gym and for months i’ve wanted some bluetooth headphones because there has been far too many occasions where i’ve nearly ripped my tragus piercing out due to me headphones getting tangled on the equipment. For a few months i’ve been researching the best pair to get but being a loyal Apple headphone user it was a no brainer to go for the Apple Airpods (£159) which my Dad very kindly got me for my birthday as these were the only gift idea I could think of that I definitely knew I wanted and I absolutely love them! I’ve used them for a few gym sessions and i’d 100% recommend them to anyone thinking of getting them!

Other than those presents I received a lot of prosecco themed and alcohol based presents as my friends and family know I love a good glass of prosecco or wine most weekends, so they were very well received! As well as a lot of alcohol I received the usual money and gift cards, along with some Euro’s for my upcoming holiday to Greece.

So those are few of the thoughtful gifts I received for my birthday and I can’t express how thankful I am to everyone of everyone. I also just quickly want to say thank you to those of you who wished me a happy birthday as it means a lot, so thank you!

Have any of you celebrated your birthdays recently?