Holiday Beauty Essentials

As some of may know if you follow me on any social media platforms, then you’ll probably know but if you don’t i’m off to Greece in just under two weeks and i’m SO excited! In prep for going on holiday i’ve been buying and gathering a fair few beauty products that are going to be essential to my holiday, and I thought i’d share my holiday beauty picks for any of you who are also off on holiday soon.

Continue reading to see which products i’ll be relying on during my upcoming holiday…

Starting off with SPF based products as these are the most important products that i’ll be needing and being someone who has fair skin that burns really easily, SPF is something I rely on heavily during any holiday. When it comes to suncream I typically use any factor 50 going, typically a kids specific SPF as these tend to be more effective in my opinion. However when it comes to face SPF I always struggle as I find that they always break my skin out which is the last thing you want on your holiday. I’ve recently been adding the Bali Body BB Cream* (£25.95) into my everyday routine as it contains SPF15 and as the weather here has been beautiful and none of my foundations contain SPF, so i’ve been applying this as you would like a primer prior to then going in with my foundation. I find it gives a very light amount coverage and helps to even out your skin tone but feels so light on the skin that you wouldn’t even know you’re wearing anything on your face which is going to be so nice for pool/beach days!

Another skincare essential that I’ve recently picked up is the Malibu Sunburn Relief Cream (£2.49) because I never pack anything other tan aftersun, however I find aftersun doesn’t give me enough relief especially when i’m really burnt! Whilst in Australia I purchased a similar product and it worked absolute wonder to relieve sunburn so i’m hoping that this works just as well! Also from the same brand I picked up the Malibu Lip Care Balm (£1.99) which contains SPF30, and again whilst I was in Australia I burnt my lips so bad that they swelled, purely because I didn’t apply any SPF lip balm so i’m hoping this will work to stop my lips from burning.

Moving onto a few daily makeup products that i’ll be taking on holiday, and when it comes to my base I always use the Clinique Pep Start Moisturiser (£24.50) to give my skin some much needed hydration and to help blur my pores prior to going in with my foundation. When it comes to foundation I try to keep it as light as possible. A personal favourite of mine of a fair few years now has been the Bourjois CC Cream (£9.99) which I find gives the coverage of a full coverage foundation but with such a light weight formula that feels so comfortable on the skin. Another product that i’ve recently spoken about that i’ve been loving to add a bit of glow is the Lancôme Bronze & Glow Powder* (£42) which is such a versatile product and I love how bronzed and glowy this product makes my skin look! Finally, another product from Lancôme that i’ve been loving recently is the Lancôme Hypnôse Mascara* (£25) as it gives lovely volume and length to the lashes, but I also find it’s lasts really well in the warm weather as a lot of my mascaras end up half way down my under eye within a couple of hours, so i’ll definitely be taking this on holiday with me!

The last couple of products that I know I won’t be able to cope without whilst on holiday are ones I love to use to give my skin a beautiful bronzed glow. Being the pale gal that I am, i’ll 100% be fake tanning whilst on holiday and my firm favourite is the St Moriz Instant Tanning Mousse (£4.99) as it’s cheap and it gives a lovely instant glow that I find lasts so well in comparison to other fake tans i’ve tried. Another product that I like to use in conjunction to give myself a little extra glow is the CYO Bronzing Shimmer Oil* (£7) which I apply to my collar bones, chest and sometimes my legs for a little extra glow and on holiday i’m going to be getting a lot of use out of this!

What products would be your holiday essentials?