Fitness: Getting Back On Track After Holiday

As some of you may know i’ve recently been on a week holiday to the sunny island of Rhodes in Greece and as most people do on holiday, I definitely indulged in all the pancakes, gyros and feta cheese possible and I don’t regret it one bit. Although having said that i’m ready to get back into the gym and my fitness routine now that i’m back, as i’d kind of fallen of the wagon prior to holiday due to being very busy.

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For todays post i’ve teamed up Myprotein to share some tips on motivating myself and also product in which i’ll be using to help get myself back on track and get my body back to it’s pre holiday state, and I hope these tips also help anyone else who to has recently been on holiday and is wanting to get back on track in terms of fitness.

Treat Yourself To a New Gym Outfit

One thing that always gets me motivated and back into the gym after a break or a holiday is treating myself to a new gym outfit or kit. I’ve always worn several pair of Myprotein leggings and sports bra’s, and have loved the quality and the designs that they offer as I find them super flattering but also really durable. A recent addition into my gym wardrobe is the Myprotein Shape Seamless Sport’s Bra* (£26) and the matching Myprotein Shape Seamless Leggings* (£40) in the ‘mauve’ colour of which I absolutely love! The colour is different to any other set that I own and both styles are super flattering on the body. Since joining the gym i’ve never been on of those girls that can wear just leggings and a crop top, but since owning this set it has given me so much more confidence and I love how I look in this set. I find that the sports bra is really flattering as it’s slightly longer and fits more like a crop top, and the added padding allows me to feel secure and supported. If you’re looking for a new gym set then i’d definitely recommend Myprotein as they have some lovely set’s to choose from!

Fuel Your Workouts

One thing I often struggle with is having the energy in order to fuel my workouts especially if i’ve burnt out during a busy day at work or if i’m feeling a bit jet lagged. For me personally I enjoy having protein shakes as a way of helping my muscles recover after a workout, especially if I have a heavy leg day I always find the added protein helps to lessen the dom’s the next day, but some also have protein as a way of fuelling their workouts. A favourite of mine at the moment is the Thewhey Ultra Premium Whey Protein* (from £26.99) and my personal favourite flavour is the Salted Caramal as it tastes so good! In comparison to their normal whey protein this has added BCAA’s which are known to help fuel your workouts and I find the quality of the protein to edge their normal whey that they offer.

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As well as using protein to fuel my workouts I also like to occasionally use preworkout formulas and also BCAA’s as a pre workout in order to further fuel my workouts as I find that it helps to improve my endurance and also strength, but I also find that BCAA’s work in a similar way to protein and really help with recovery after a gruelling gym session meaning I can usually get to the gym the next without struggling too much. The first of two products that I personally enjoy the most are the Mypre Pre Workout* (£24.99) as I find this really helps to fuel a workout, especially when i’m really struggling to find the energy to get through my workout and they have the most tasty of flavours. The second is the Active Women BCAA* (£1.49) in the peach tea flavour as it tastes incredible and I find really helps to contribute to muscle recovery following my workouts.

Switch Out The Sweet Treats

Now i’m not saying to stop having sweet treats all together but I find choosing better sweet treats to be so much more beneficial to my nutrition. Now i’m not someone who really tracks what I eat but I am definitely more aware of what the food I eat contain and I try to choose better options for when it comes to snacking. One of my favourite things over the last year or so is trying out different protein snacks and finding some of my favourites that I now eat on a daily basis instead of snacking throughout the day.  A few of my favourites come from Myprotein as I find they do an amazing range of different protein snacks to choose from in an array of different flavours. My favourite of their entire range has got to be their Carb Crusher Protein Bar* (£1.99) as it does as the name suggests in crushes the cravings are carby treats and really fills me up to stop me snacking throughout the day.

So those are a few ways that i’m beginning to get myself back on track after my holiday and i’m really excited to see where I can take my fitness journey over the next couple of months!

Have any of you recently been on holiday?